3 Content Marketing Trends in Staffing for 2021


Rewind a few years. The staffing companies that were blogging regularly, posting content on their sites a few times a month, sharing posts on Facebook a few times per week–they were the leaders.  They embraced content marketing and devoted time and attention–and committment–to leverage content to support their branding efforts.  They increased visibility and carved out a great digital niche.

Fast-forward to today–everyone else copied them.  Now, basic content marketing doesn’t set you apart, it’s just a cost of doing business.

So, does that mean content marketing is dead?  NOPE!

It just means that in order to really stand out, you have to step up your content marketing game.  You have to look for ways to be different, add more value and be more strategic with your content efforts.  To help, here are three ways you can adjust your content marketing efforts in 2021 to drive more reach and improve your ROI:

  1. Pillar Content WIll Be Repurposed

    Once you have a great piece of pillar content, you can look for ways to break that up into smaller, bite-size pieces that all funnel people back to the main pillar content.  For example, let’s take our Staffing SEO eBook.  We can break this up into dozens of shareable assets.  We can take the keyword tips on page 5 and turn that into it’s own blog post, 5 social graphics that each share a tip, a short video tutorial and maybe an infographic.  Pages 7 and 8 could be turned into a video tutorial on how to adjust your metadata.  Pages 11 and 12 could become their own blog posts about the importance of SSL and security, etc and that can be shared on social and in groups.  Each one of these smaller assets can then drive people over to the main pillar piece of content.

    Following this approach, you could have a quarterly content theme, ensure everything flows and works together, and all has a singular action to drive traffic and visibility back to the same place.

Looking to Drive Better Content Marketing for Your Firm in 2021 and Beyond?

We would love to help!  We have a full-team of skilled writers, content strategists and digital marketing advisors to help guide, and implement, your content marketing strategy.  Contact us today to learn more and be sure to watch our video on how to drive better SEO results for your company:

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