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If your company decided that investing in video marketing has to be done, you need to start looking for a team of marketing experts who understand video very well. These people should be able to turn your strategy into a success without charging you overwhelmingly. Putting together a team that needs to take care of your video marketing campaign can be easy if you consider a few things like balancing the resources for producers and creatives. In other words, you need to make sure you are working with the right people who can help you achieve success. The next few paragraphs will present the four most important people you need to work with when building a successful video marketing team. What this team should look like, you are surely asking yourself; so have a look at the four key positions that should be assembled for this team to do a perfect job. Have a profiles search here for some suggestions.

To begin with, you need someone to take care of primary content creation, such as storyboards, Videographer scripts, shoots, studio-quality edits, and your corporate video content. A Videographer can do all this, not to mention he or she is knowledgeable about various types of video you may need and both the artistic and technical know-how that’s required for you to send your message in an easy-to-understand and appealing way. Having a Videographer working for your company full-time is the best option because this person would really understand your brand’s tone and message. With time, learning about your business’s history and marketing initiatives while pairing this knowledge with creative video talents would make a significant impact. Evaluating candidates for the Videographer position is based on looking for someone with a degree in film or video, preferably a person with experience producing videos and who has worked online with some video platforms. Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro X, and Adobe After Effects skills are also a must.

Video Content Marketing Manager

Any mature marketing team has a Content Marketing Manager. This person takes care of drafting the video content for your strategy, making sure all videos fulfill your marketing campaign’s incentives. This person will develop videos for your website, social media, events, and email campaign. There are situations when a Video Content Marketing Manager works with other teams in the company to create videos for different initiatives. In other words, this position involves brainstorming videos that are suitable for the content schedule and conducting a video marketing production process that involves drafting scripts. If you are trying to hire a Content Marketing Manager, look for someone who has a degree in journalism or something similar, a person with experience in content strategy. Analyze their history with designing video content or campaigns, but keep in mind that it can be challenging to find a Content Marketing Manager who has done much in these directions.

Demand Generation Coordinator

It’s very likely your company already has a supporting sales team, but you need to make sure your video team is aligned with the sales department when running a video marketing campaign. In the process of making videos, a Demand Generation Coordinator will have to work all the time with your Video Content Marketing Manager and strategically place the created video content so that it optimizes or accelerates a specific lifecycle stage. The candidates you need to evaluate for this position should have a degree in Business or Marketing, growth hacking experience, a deep understanding of marketing automation analytics and tools, and experience in all of these fields.

Marketing and Data Analyst

The Data Analyst understands how any business initiatives perform or should perform. This person knows what results a large-scale marketing campaign can bring while modeling and graphing the effects of that campaign, analyzing its successes, and making plans on how those successes could be repeated. Only a Data Analyst can measure what business impact your video has. When trying to hire someone for this vacancy, look for people with a degree in Statistics or Marketing and experience with business intelligence platforms, as well as enterprise-level analytic.

Finding these key people

After learning which key people you need for your video marketing team, the dilemma falls onto finding them. Perhaps you already have some of them in your organization, so you could recruit them for your video marketing campaign, but it’s rather likely that you need to look around for them. While doing so, keep in mind that proficiency with video marketing is a relatively new skill for marketers out there, so don’t expect to have too many candidates when looking for the right fit.

Qualifying the Talent

When conducting interviews, ask these few questions if you want your video marketing experience to be gauged:

 In the end, if you want to build a video marketing team with good chances of success for your company, you need four key people presented here. Next, you should have a strategy and the internal alignment between your marketing and sales departments, as well as the technology, experience in video marketing platforms, and so forth. Look here for the project coordinator interview questions if you are trying to fill this vacancy as well.

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