Alyce Announces Next Generation of Its Platform with the Launch of Smart Gifting


 VC-backed, AI-powered Alyce has released new Smart Gifting capabilities and partnerships to enable revenue-driving teams to achieve greater business impacts

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Alyce, the world’s first Smart Gifting Platform, today announced the launch of Smart Gifting, the next generation of its AI-powered personal corporate gifting solution. The launch includes a new suite of intelligent features and a set of global partnerships that will enable revenue-accountable teams to achieve greater business impacts with personal gifting, direct mail, swag, kitting, and eGifts. With Alyce’s unique Smart Gifting Platform capabilities, marketers, sales professionals, and customer success teams now have new ways to create memorable moments that deliver outsized results.

Alyce’s proven recipient-first gifting model and new Smart Gifting features help enterprise businesses to earn trust and build loyalty with their prospects and customers while optimizing the power of gifting, swag, and direct mail to increase sales pipeline and accelerate deals. The launch of Smart Gifting will further expand on Alyce’s best-in-class gifting experience, advancing users’ ability to control, execute, and measure the impact of strategic programs and creative campaigns.

“Across the B2B marketing and sales landscape, technology has given us more time to do more than we ever imagined possible. And what will separate the winners from everyone else will be how teams choose to use that time. Alyce’s new Smart Gifting Platform launch is not only giving revenue-driving teams more efficiency and intelligence, but it’s designed to help those teams invest their time-savings into creating memorable moments and greater business impacts through the power of gifting. From custom experience creation to intelligence optimization to efficient execution, Smart Gifting gives marketers and sales teams what they need to unleash creativity and drive results,” says Greg Segall, CEO and Founder of Alyce.

The Alyce Smart Gifting launch offers a variety of updates, including:

  • Custom Gift Marketplaces. With Custom Marketplaces, marketers can seamlessly provide physical, virtual, and branded gifts that fit perfectly with any occasion, event, or campaign theme.
  • Global Gifting Execution through Staples Promotional Products. Powered by a new partnership with Staples Promotional Products, marketing and sales teams can now access a network of swag, kitting, warehousing, and logistics providers through a single platform to efficiently and creatively deliver gifts at critical moments in every program and campaign.
  • 1-to-Many Gifting On Behalf of Sales. Group gifting (1-to-many campaigns) empowers marketers to send gifts and set up resulting meetings on behalf of their sales reps. With these capabilities, marketing and sales teams can optimize the delivery of both gifts and results that foster stronger personal relationships without sacrificing active selling time.
  • Gifting on the Fly. With Gifting on the Fly, sellers can enroll recipients into a gifting campaign without having to log onto Alyce. This feature is perfect for use at events, trade shows, or when a sales rep is pinched for time.
  • Alyce for Salesloft. Previously announced, with Alyce for Salesloft, marketers, sales teams, and business development representatives have an efficient, unified platform with built-in intelligence that enables personal gifting across marketing campaigns and sales cadences.

Alyce’s new Smart Gifting functionality, global partnerships, and integrations with platforms including Salesloft bring more depth and breadth in gifting capabilities to our market. Our enhanced Smart Gifting platform couldn’t be more timely for enterprise companies looking to drive impact at each phase of the customer lifecycle. Our unique Smart Gifting approach will ultimately enable these companies to increase qualified pipeline, shorten sales cycles, and improve customer retention rates,” said Daria Marmer, VP of Product at Alyce.

The launch of Smart Gifting comes on the heels of Alyce, a VC-backed startup based in Boston, Mass., announcing a new integration with sales technology platform Salesloft, a new partnership with Staples Promotional Products, and a $30 million venture investment in the company.

About Alyce

Alyce is the only Smart Gifting platform, enabling sales, marketing, and customer success teams to create memorable moments and greater impact through a relational, recipient-first approach to gifting. With an AI-powered platform and global network of partners, Alyce bridges the physical and digital world of marketing and revenue generation so that enterprises can better engage prospects, customers, and employees while delivering measurable results. Alyce is a venture-backed, privately held company headquartered in Boston, MA. Learn more at


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