Audacy’s State of Audio Advertising 2022


Audio has qualities that other platforms lack when keeping customers engaged with your commercials. Consider the following: According to a new Audacy survey, 61% of audio audiences listen to the advertising. Over three-quarters of viewers admit to ignoring commercials by reaching for their phones, computers, or tablets when it comes to television.

So, what should brands think about when developing a modern audio strategy? “2022 State of Audio: The Disruptors,” new research from multiplatform audio content provider Audacy, analyzes what audio disruptors are doing now to adopt a whole audio strategy that includes podcasts, radio, digital radio, and more.

The following items are included in the guide:

Ad buys that mix two or more radio and internet channels have increased by 20% in the last three years, indicating that many brands are betting on platforms that can engage consumers across several channels throughout their day.

Triton to Launch Groundbreaking Audio Marketplace

When advertisers vary their audio efforts vs. single-channel audio buys, the cost to convert a new client is 38 percent lower.

Think beyond traditional demographic groups and more about fans and where they congregate. Then, to recruit and engage those fans, employ strategies such as influencers and celebrities.

Download the report to learn more about what forward-thinking brands are doing in audio today.


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