Audience Growth is Slowing for Facebook


Growth on Facebook has slowed down since it hit 2 billion users.

As of 2021, eMarketer says that Facebook will have 2 billion users worldwide. By the end of this year, Facebook should have 2.10 billion. Even though the platform has vast numbers, its growth slowed dramatically in 2021 and will slow to a trickle in the years to come.

For the first time, Facebook didn’t add more than 100 million new users last year. In 2021, Facebook added around 96 million users globally.

The Middle East and Africa grew by 8% in 2021, while the Asia Pacific region grew by 7%. This growth is due to more people on the internet, which has led to more Facebook users. In North America, Facebook’s growth was the slowest at 0.7%, and in Europe, it was 0.2%. (1.4 percent ).

It will be the highest level of Facebook internet users worldwide in 2022 before internet use starts to outpace Facebook growth.

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