Almond Powerhouse Blue Diamond Launches New Creative Ad Campaigns Across Portfolio of Brands

The Sacramento-based co-op introduces three original marketing campaigns for its Snack Almonds, Almond Breeze, and Almond Flour brands

Blue Diamond Growers, the world’s leading producer and marketer of almonds, today announced the launch of three new 360-degree creative marketing campaigns across the company’s portfolio of brands and products, including Snack Almonds, Almond Breeze, and Almond Flour. According to Global Market Reports, the plant-based food market continues to flourish and will gain $34 billion by 2030, and so will the demand for delicious and innovative products using plant-based ingredients.

In 2022, Blue Diamond began revitalizing its marketing in partnership with creative agency McKinney. The launch of these campaigns is part of an increased Blue Diamond investment to showcase its array of almond-based products in new, creative ways. The campaigns will reach consumers across the media and shopping marketplace to demonstrate the benefits of Blue Diamond Almonds to the world.

At the helm of Blue Diamond’s creative momentum is the recently appointed Vice President, Global Head of Marketing, Jason Merideth. He joins Blue Diamond from Nestlé, where he led a number of businesses, including serving as General Manager of Nestlé’s creamer portfolio.

“I have long respected Blue Diamond’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to evolving with their consumers to meet shifting priorities and needs,” said Merideth. “I’m incredibly excited to bring this breakthrough campaign to market in partnership with such a smart, passionate team. It’s a key part of our journey to bring the power of almond and plant-based products to life for our consumers and deliver sustained growth for the Blue Diamond co-op grower owners.”

Gimme Blue Diamond™

Blue Diamond offers almonds in various flavors, from sweet to savory, all with a satisfying taste and crunch. Entitled “Gimme Blue Diamond™,” the Snack Almonds campaign highlights what a perfect snack the brand’s almonds are for any snacking occasion. Available in a range of sizes from individual serving sizes to large, family-size value bags, Blue Diamond Almonds can be enjoyed at home, work, or on the go as a delicious, always satisfying snack. The new “Gimme Blue Diamond™” campaign will debut with a :15 second television spot, live across online video and social media channels, as well as in-market wherever Blue Diamond almonds are sold. The ad will feature a catchy jingle enticing viewers to enjoy the “crunchy, tasty, sweet and savory, always satisfying” product attributes of Blue Diamond snack almonds, while the wider campaign will reinforce the uniqueness of Blue Diamond Almonds and will celebrate the call to action to Gimme Blue Diamond™.

Almondmilk It ™

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze is the leading almondmilk in the U.S., made from the finest-quality Blue Diamond Almonds harvested in California. As versatile as it is delicious, the new Almond Breeze “Almondmilk It ™” campaign will encourage those who’ve never tried Almond Breeze to enjoy a glass of delicious almondmilk goodness along with those who reach out for it time and time again. The “Almondmilk It™” :30 second and :15 second spot will run as a television ad throughout the year, supported by a variety of video units on social media and online video. This compelling campaign activates deep-rooted consumer insights across an integrated support plan highlighting how great tasting Blue Diamond Almond Breeze almondmilk can be enjoyed across a variety of everyday occasions.

Blue Diamond Almond Flour

Blue Diamond Almond Flour will be the center of Blue Diamond’s third new campaign this year. Finely sifted and made with California-grown Blue Diamond almonds, Blue Diamond Almond Flour is gluten-free and can be used in any sweet and savory recipe. Rolling out in early spring, Blue Diamond will unveil a bold campaign showcasing how it is tasty, delicious, and easy to use. The new campaign will be featured at retail displays, as well as digitally and on social media and through a partnership with Celebrity Chef Amanda Freitag.

The new “Gimme Blue Diamond™” and Almond Breeze’s “Almondmilk It ™” campaigns are going live today on TV, airing in Broadcast Early Morning and Prime, Syndication Cable, and with select OTT Partners. The Blue Diamond Almond Flour campaign is set to roll out in March, marking the first-ever creative campaign for that line at Blue Diamond.



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