Burger King U.S. Announces New PR and Cultural Agencies


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ICR and Conill Added as Latest Agencies of Record, Joining the Strategic Ecosystem of Agencies Supporting the Iconic Brand’s Plans to Reclaim the Flame in 2023 and Beyond

Burger King has recently announced a new partnership with two renowned advertising agencies, ICR and Conill, to handle its Integrated Communications and Hispanic Advertising. The collaboration aims to revamp the brand’s communication strategy, strengthening its brand image and driving growth.ICR, a full-service agency, will work on Burger King’s integrated communications to ensure consistent messaging across all media channels. The agency will focus on creative development, media planning, buying, and social media management. ICR is known for its innovative and strategic approach to advertising, and the agency’s expertise is expected to help Burger King connect with its target audience more meaningfully.
Conill, on the other hand, will handle Burger King’s Hispanic Advertising, with a focus on creating culturally relevant and engaging campaigns that resonate with the Hispanic community. The agency will leverage its deep understanding of the Hispanic market to develop campaigns that resonate with this demographic and highlight the unique aspects of the brand that appeal to them.
The partnership with ICR and Conill is a significant move for Burger King as it strives to remain competitive in the fast-food industry. The collaboration is a testament to Burger King’s commitment to innovation and its desire to stay relevant in the ever-evolving advertising landscape. With the new agencies’ expertise and experience, Burger King is expected to create campaigns that differentiate it from its competitors and resonate with its target audience.
Burger King’s new partnership with ICR and Conill is a step in the right direction, as the brand seeks to strengthen its communication strategy and drive growth. The collaboration with the two agencies is expected to result in campaigns that connect with the target audience and differentiate Burger King from its competitors.


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