Cadent Aperture Enables Addressable Linear and CTV Programmatic Guaranteed Bidding

Cadent, an independent platform for advanced TV advertising, recently announced a new feature within Cadent Aperture Platform that will enable programmatic guaranteed bidding for addressable TV and connected TV (CTV) on inventory distributed by publishers across set-top boxes (STB), smart TVs, mobile devices, and desktop applications.

This solution increases demand and flexibility for publishers while easing the transition of the TV ecosystem from conventional, highly manual, and time-consuming direct sales processes to a self-service marketplace for advertisers. Inventory owners can use the Aperture Platform to intelligently display addressable advertising based on previous data. As a result, Cadent’s clients can:

  • On the same networks, maximize yield across both scheduled and targeted advertising.
  • For CTV and addressable TV planning, use the Aperture Viewer Graph to link audience segments to households.
  • Predict future market pressure patterns by forecasting available inventory for programmatic guaranteed OTT/CTV, Video on Demand (VOD), and addressable TV deals.
  • Manage the delivery of directly sold addressable TV campaigns based on programmatic demand guarantees.

The system is compatible with all inventory, including programmatic linear TV, On Demand, and linear TV via private markets.

This functionality is being added to Aperture in the wake of the platform’s record-breaking growth since its introduction in July 2021. Aperture Audience Data Marketplace is also gaining traction, with over 40 partners contributing 70,000 categories.

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