Can TikTok Reinvent the Bridal Market?


In the latter half of 2021, the wedding site Zola launched on TikTok. The Zola social team offers suggestions on their page for handling unsolicited wedding planning advice and requesting a wedding without children.


A lot of self-produced wedding content is written from one person’s perspective, according to Victoria Vaynberg, chief marketing officer of Zola. Zola wants to be recognized as the authority.


The company’s TikTok videos cover various wedding-related topics, including grooms, guests, and general dos and don’ts. Vaynberg noted that TikTok is an excellent upper-funnel channel for connecting with couples before they get engaged and that the company is witnessing an increase in Zola registrations due to TikTok’s influence.


Zola’s paid TikTok strategy promotes successful organic content. The company claimed to be pleased with the TikTok results and raised spending for its recently created ambassador program for TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube platforms.


The hashtag #weddingtok has benefited small enterprises as well. In January 2021, Claire Roche, the chief wedding planner of Grit and Grace in southern California, began sharing advice on her TikTok channel. She currently has 1.2 million followers on TikTok and has collaborated with companies including Shutterfly and After the Tone, which sells phones used to record audio guest books.

Owner of Tyler Speier Events, which specializes in weddings and events, Tyler Speier, claims that he has received some significant inquiries and leads as a result of people finding him on TikTok, including one for a wedding he performed in Ireland. One video in Speier’s TikTok series explaining wedding attire codes had over a million views.


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