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Startup founded by ex-Facebook and Uber executives has become a WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider, accelerating access to the WhatsApp Business API and delivering tools that help SMBs use WhatsApp as their full funnel customer engagement solution.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–, a conversational commerce company that simplifies how message-first businesses transform connections into revenue, has been designated one of the select US-based companies to become a WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider (BSP) for the use cases of customer support and time-sensitive, personalized notifications.

Over the past two years, behavior shifts in how people communicate, access content and shop have heightened consumer demand for omnichannel experiences. In parallel, businesses accelerated plans for digital transformation and turned to customer-preferred messaging channels to maintain one-to-one relationships.

As a WhatsApp BSP, Connectly is able to expand its product offering to include a suite of WhatsApp-specific tools that provide SMBs with direct, expedited access to the WhatsApp Business API and remove the friction from message-driven sales. Businesses will also be able to activate automated alerts and notifications via WhatsApp, keeping customers updated on order status, appointment reminders and more while achieving 100% delivery rate for a fraction of traditional messaging costs. Connectly’s core set of AI-powered tools – inclusive of a unified inbox and site widget – centralize various customer messages across WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, to reduce complexity while driving engagement and sales.

With more than 2 billion people in over 180 countries using WhatsApp, people want to connect with businesses as quickly and easily as they do with friends and family. However, existing solutions like chatbots often rely on antiquated systems that treat customers like tickets. Connectly’s products take a holistic approach to the customer journey, enabling SMBs to automate, segment, remarket and sell – all within the customer’s thread of choice.

“We’re proud that Connectly has been named a WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider,” said Stefanos Loukakos, CEO and co-founder of Connectly. “This news supports our quest to build infrastructure that enables SMBs to use business messaging as their integrated solution – from lead-gen and conversion, to sales and post-order follow up – while providing a seamless experience on both the front and backend.”

Connectly’s new tools will build upon the many benefits of the WhatsApp Business API – systems integrations, business profile verification and multi-agent access – to offer additional functionalities including user interface development, an insights-driven dashboard, AI-powered suggestions, CRM integration, customer segmentation, campaign activation, and in-thread payment solutions. Connectly will also benefit from having early access to future WhatsApp beta releases and cost efficiencies related to messaging.

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About is focused on simplifying how businesses convert customer connections into revenue. Our products – inclusive of a suite of WhatsApp business tools, unified inbox and site widget – centralize customer messages across WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, to remove the friction from message-driven sales. As a WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider, we’re able to provide direct access to the WhatsApp Business API and arm businesses with AI-powered tools that drive engagement and sales. Connectly transforms customer service into customer experience, enabling cross-platform communications, marketing campaign activation and retargeting, and payment solutions, so businesses can treat their customers like people, not tickets. was founded in 2020 by former Big Tech executives with a passion for conversational commerce, a market that is expected to become a $130B market by 2025, according to Forrester. Learn more at


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