Consumers Desire to Connect with Brands


Does connecting with a consumer matter? Well, according to research, it does.

 The way consumers relate to brands has been altered by the pandemic, inflation, and a simple want for entertainment.

Not only has the epidemic changed how people live and work, but it has also altered their expectations of brands. Recent research offers some crucial insights marketers may employ to engage with customers more deeply.

Inspiring both a universal and personal connection is a crucial component of the most successful brands, according to Arnold Worldwide’s second annual proprietary BrandUp study, which polled US consumers about their ties to 291 brands across more than 35 categories.

The study made four fundamental discoveries:

Influence of the pandemic on connectivity. While people between the ages of 35 and 65 now have closer relationships with health care businesses, younger Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 are using YouTube and TikTok to interact with brands globally and personally.

Escalating inflation. Consumers’ relationships with companies that provide discounts or inexpensive goods are becoming more substantial as the cost of living rises. Strong ties are being fostered by the IT sector’s emphasis on customer convenience.

The public wants to have fun. Americans want positive, enjoyable brand experiences despite the pandemic and growing inflation, or even because of it. Deeper connections are being sparked by brands that provide unique, exciting, and creative experiences.

It’s crucial to be inclusive. Multicultural audiences are drawn to brands that promote diversity and offer inclusive experiences.

What connections can marketers strengthen?

According to a second poll by Upcity and Pollfish, 51% of North American companies are altering their branding strategies in response to the epidemic to better serve their customers.

According to the survey, brands are changing their platforms for connecting with consumers most significantly, and their most significant problem is adapting to changing consumer needs.

According to marketing academics at the University of London, the pandemic has made customers more conscious of brand purpose and astute about whether firms are committed to inclusivity and other societal challenges.

The recent Brand Love Research from Talkwalker and Hootsuite reiterated this emphasis on consumer awareness and the concerns of inclusion, value, convenience, and enjoyment mentioned in Arnold’s report.

According to available research, marketers would be wise to show empathy, make life easier through convenience and value, be genuinely inclusive, and assist their audiences in rediscovering fun if they want to foster strong connections with consumers who are still feeling the effects of the pandemic and other stress factors like inflation.


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