CTV Engagement: The Use of Data to Drive Creative Refresh and Results


Television ads haven’t always reached the right people with the right creative. This can make or break a campaign’s success. For example, linear TV ads have been limited by the need to appeal to a broad audience for a long time. This has kept personalization from the picture and made the ads less relevant.

With linear TV ads, part of the challenge from a creative point of view is to make sure that the ad is broad enough to meet the needs of all of the people who might see it.

The landscape has changed. CTV advertising has become a significant way to be relevant because it can target people based on information about them and what happened to them. This data has become a starting point for new ideas.

You can target your audience and be very specific about who you want to reach with a connected TV. Depending on who you’re targeting, you could develop some fascinating ideas for art.

As a result, CTV ads must be dynamic and fresh over time, and they must be very relevant to the people who watch them to be most effective. Creative refresh is a data-driven process that helps marketers make multiple versions of a CTV ad unit to target different audiences. This allows them to exercise their creativity in a metric-informed and iterative way. Using a creative refresh is a great way to make sure you reach the right people and keep them interested.

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Using a creative reboot to get the best results.

This process is based on data, and the first step is to look at what your audience thinks. Marketing teams can use this information to make different versions of an ad based on a viewer’s age, interests, or stage in the customer journey with a brand.

Finally, the different versions of an ad are shown to viewers. Then, the results of the ad show up. With fundamental changes to the same creative, ads can be changed to see which one has a better site visit rate or conversion rate.

With that performance data, teams can change how they approach the creative. They can change things about it to appeal to their target audiences. From there, the cycle of creative refresh keeps going. Marketers use what they’ve learned in the past to make creative decisions that have the most impact.

Marketers can be more creative with CTV advertising because iterative processes can be changed. They can’t do that with traditional linear TV, which aims to appeal to as many people as possible in one try.

A creative refresh is a practice and a way to act quickly.

In a market where getting the right content to the right people at the right time is very important to getting good results, marketers have a tremendous tactical opportunity when they work with CTV.

Because CTV is a performance marketing platform, that doesn’t mean that clever, fun advertising should go out the window just because it’s on the platform. They want to make TV ads that capture something about the moment that’s culturally relevant, just like linear TV ads do, too.

A big part of planning is making sure that creative refreshes are a part of the whole program, not replacing intelligent, funny, or poignant ads. This means you need to keep the process at the forefront of your planning.

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Go into making something with the knowledge that you have a lot of options.

People who use CTV for performance marketing will get the most out of their money if they know how the channel works and take advantage of unique opportunities, like a creative refresh, to make their ads stand out from the rest. Most importantly, learn about the platform’s capabilities before starting your project. This way, you can plan to have a lot of flexibility regarding personalization.

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