DeFine Launches Masterpiece Pixel Art, The First NFT Series by Sandbox Network


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The NFT social platform DeFine announced on the 29th that they will be launching the Masterpiece Pixel Art NFT created by Sandbox Network, the largest MCN company in Korea.

The first NFTs produced by Sandbox Network is the reinterpretation of the classic masterpieces including The Fifer, The Starry Night, and Girl with a Pearl Earring. They will be sold on the DeFine marketplace.

The artwork will be divided into ten random puzzle pieces, and will be included in a blind box. A total of 100 boxes will be sold on DeFine. Users will be able to gather the pieces by purchasing blind boxes, and those who complete the puzzle with all ten puzzle pieces will be able to own one complete artwork. Also, there will be special benefits provided in the future to the users that possess the artwork NFT.

“We are pleased to support Sandbox Network, the largest MCN in Korea, in their first venture into the NFT market,” said Myoung-Hoon Kang, general manager of DeFine Korea. “For this launch, we have added an interactive feature so that the NFT collectors and fans of Sandbox Network can approach this market in a more enjoyable way. We will continue our support in launching other NFTs in the future as well,” he added.

Sandbox Network Gaming Business Lead Sun Gu Kim stated, “We are happy to launch the first original series in a pixelated style, which is deeply related to the root of Sandbox Network. We hope to reach out to the new fans of Sandbox Network through our NFTs, and please keep an eye out for the future original series and creator series as well.”

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DeFine is the NFT social platform for all creators including artists, musicians, influencers, gamers, and athletes. The platform facilitates all social interaction, engagement and communication for creators and their fanbase with digital assets like NFTs and social/fan tokens.

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