Boost Your Digital Marketing: 12 Content Promotion Ideas for 2022


Any internet business’s growth depends on clever content promotion, and marketing tactics to develop new ways to distinguish their business from the competition. Looking at what other brands are doing to get attention can sometimes provide you with some excellent content promotion ideas.


With that in mind, here are 12 practical content promotion ideas for 2022 that you can utilize to boost your digital marketing.




Making an impression with just words is becoming increasingly complex, and today’s consumers prefer high-impact visual material to just words. According to studies, about 60% of senior executives prefer to watch a video rather than read text.


You can make fascinating movies from photos, video clips, and music using video creation services, and it’s also simple to make marketing videos for IG/FB Stories.


A stunning image or video concept can make a great impression regardless of the product or service you’re promoting. Sometimes it’s necessary to think beyond the box.


However, sometimes it’s as simple as that, especially when a product has a significant aesthetic effect. Take, for example, pizza. Few people think twice about a hot, fresh slice of pizza dripping with delicious, melting cheese, especially if they’re hungry. 


Pizza Hut incorporates imagery in its social media postings and marketing campaigns, using it to draw attention to its content and discounts.




Including guest blogs in your material can help you reach a much wider audience while also delivering exciting and relatable content.


Guest articles may be a terrific source of additional value-adding to your audience, boosting conversions to your site, as long as they are unique, high-quality, and validated.


Home Depot is a fantastic illustration of this since everyday DIYers provide relatability and intriguing ideas, tips, and tricks to add to Home Depot’s plethora of information.


Providing high value in tips, hacks, and ideas provides consumers a reason to come back to your site, which can help you increase brand awareness and transform your customers into ardent fans.




Any relevant data can become a very impactful strategy to generate masses of people to your site, send your SEO skyrocketing, and deliver a wealth of tips, tactics, and information.


Shutterstock is an excellent illustration of how this may be done. They have not only used their experience to create a “Creative Trends Report,” but they have also enriched this essential resource with breathtaking visuals and interactive music and video elements.


According to the Content Marketing Institute, this intriguing infographic has resulted in over 6 billion visitors to their site and thousands of social media shares.




One of the most effective content promotion strategies on our list is collaborating with others.


Including social media influencers in your content marketing is a sure-fire approach to increasing online attention, as you can tap into their social following and significantly increase brand exposure.


There are a few more strategies to make use of this marketing channel.


When you connect a marketing message with a movement or cause — something that might elicit an emotional response — your influencer impact shifts from a primary product endorsement to an inspirational message that can garner significantly more attention.


With its #FaceAnything campaign, Olay has done a fantastic job doing this. By combining the far-reaching chops of nine major social media influencers, they focused on an uplifting message that could mean many things to many women.


Finally, it cleverly tied back into their facial skin range while empowering female empowerment, resulting in a massive increase in favorable brand recognition.




While you may be best known for one or two items or services, intelligent content promotion can help you reach a far wider audience.


You can enhance conversions and gain more brand followers by intelligently broadening your online content to appeal to multiple populations. The restaurant Cracker Barrel is an excellent illustration of this.


Even though they are best known for cuisine and antiques, their content and services are significantly more diverse. As a result, they’ve gathered an internet audience interested in a much broader range of topics.


They keep a wide range of customers interested while also improving their SEO by integrating articles and material that focus on recipes and holiday decorating ideas.




Finding new and creative ways to develop promotional content actively is a great strategy to increase brand recognition and conversions. All the better if you can find a way to weave a good message into it.


Focusing on global concerns like sustainability might help you expand your digital marketing reach and bring your business to the forefront.


Levi nailed it with their #7Days7Ways social challenge. They challenged consumers to wear their favorite Levi’s jeans in a new way every day for a week and to utilize a popular hashtag in their posts.


This campaign established the brand as environmentally friendly while encouraging people to wear and share it more. The campaign demonstrates how important corporate ethics are to the company.




Now and then, an ad campaign emerges that goes further and broader than usual. One of these is probably Coke’s customization marketing.


When Coke started its “Share a Coke” campaign, it understood precisely what it was doing. Their approach was to take an already massive worldwide brand and make consumers feel like they were a part of it by allowing them to personalize their bottles.


After researching the most popular Australian names, they first put them on Coke bottles in Australia in 2012 and then in the United Kingdom in 2013. “Share a Coke with” was written on the labels, followed by a commonly used name, allowing customers to purchase their favorite drink with their or a friend’s name on the bottle.


This advertisement was so popular that it quickly went worldwide, eventually appearing in over 80 countries. So, what made it so famous?


Individualization makes people feel unique, meaningful, and included. Coke had to think about the most recognized names by the population that were most likely to support the proposal. Nonetheless, it is a broad strategy since everyone wants to feel included.


Focusing on the concept of sharing further strengthened this brilliant marketing strategy, generating an emotional connection with the brand and motivating customers to purchase not only one for themselves but also one for someone else. It was a unique concept that proved to be a huge success.




Offering options to improve one’s skill set is one technique to engage an audience. Canva is an excellent illustration of this, as it has developed its online design school.


Canva is a famous online graphic design platform that allows users to generate professional-looking graphics and animations for their blogs and social media accounts.


But, to take it a step further, they also offer a variety of courses through their design school that allows users to enhance their graphic design skills from the comfort of their own homes—and without the high costs associated with obtaining a degree.


Canva is an excellent illustration of how interactive content marketing with educational benefits can draw attention to a platform’s value. It also boosts credibility by establishing the company as an industry leader.




Even though McDonald’s is one of, if not the most, successful fast-food chains globally, it has long been associated with rumors of questionable ingredients. McDonald’s has been around for so long that it’s had to deal with a slew of conspiracy theories about the quality (or lack thereof) of the chemicals they use and how they get them.


Despite these rumors, McDonald’s prospered for a long time. They chose to take action to influence public opinion because today’s consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of what they consume and what businesses they support.


McDonald’s Canada took on the task of answering around 10,000 consumer inquiries through a very nicely conceived campaign. In an innovative and brave move, they came out from behind their famous golden arches and told it like it was. The public adored them as a result.


By sharing your narrative genuinely, you may change the public’s opinion of your product and brand and win or restore trust and belief in them. Engaging with customers on their terms and providing them with the information they want and need to make their own decisions also gives them a sense of excellent customer service.


McDonald’s Canada’s information would almost certainly have been mainly (if not entirely) favorable to the brand’s reputation. However, as a commitment to being truthful about their products, the campaign was well-executed.




One of these content promotion ideas may be the most difficult to duplicate.


Many businesses struggled during the pandemic lockdowns, and people worldwide began to feel a sense of camaraderie that we had never seen before in our time.


Burger King was one of the businesses that took advantage of the situation to increase community support. Burger King’s “Order From McDonald’s” promotion encouraged consumers to eat some of their competitor’s food in a show of solidarity, sparked outrage, sparked compassion, and gained a lot of attention.


It went down a storm, whether it was a very planned maneuver or a genuine, sincere plea—probably a little of both. This campaign is another excellent illustration of how adopting higher ideals may improve a company’s reputation.




L’Oreal Paris is a beauty behemoth that has invented lipsticks and foundations for decades and is famous for its skincare line. The brand now uses an interactive content marketing method called “Signature Faces.”


Consumers may virtually test several lipstick hues from the comfort of their own homes thanks to technology developed by Signature Faces. This interactive application uses artificially intelligent filter technology to provide a practical and efficient lockdown alternative for online purchasing and is extremely convenient and enjoyable to use.


Businesses can actively put their customers’ needs first by providing engaging, virtual experiences for them. Making it entertaining and shareable offers a unique touch that increases its effectiveness. It also helps buyers decide whether or not to buy a product because it causes them to focus on which one to buy rather than whether or not to buy one at all.




Everyone appreciates a good narrative they can believe in, get lost in for a while, be inspired by, or be affected by. Storytelling inspires emotion and engages listeners, and it can be a powerful tool for attracting attention and keeping them coming back for more. That is why blogs have grown so popular.


Microsoft has perfected this ability and applied it to strengthen ties with its target audience and brand users. The blog, fittingly named “Stories,” offers a variety of feel-good stories that elicit more emotion and, as a result, greater trust in the business.


The humanness of well-told stories can reach and connect with customers like few other things, resulting in increased trust and a better relationship. Humility, after all, is contagious.


It’s pretty disheartening to create excellent content only to have it go unnoticed. Because content creation is only half of the battle, content promotion ideas are critical to a successful marketing strategy.


There are many creative ways to expand your reach and attract customers’ attention, so evaluate them all and be willing to think outside the box for the most significant outcomes.


Consider how you may elicit emotion, stimulate interaction, start a social movement, be more honest, change public perception, and provide your customers with what they want.



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