DoubleVerify Launches DV Campaign Automator™ To Streamline The Entire Trafficking Workflow in Google Campaign Manager 360


With this release, advertisers will be able to improve operational efficiency and devote more time and resources to campaign strategy and performance

DoubleVerify, a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, recently announced the launch of DV Campaign AutomatorTM for Google Campaign Manager 360. DV Campaign AutomatorTM is a first-of-its-kind solution that streamlines the entire campaign trafficking process – from campaign creation and settings adjustments, to tag management, billing and reporting – removing manual, repetitive touch points that can hinder campaign execution and performance. DV Campaign AutomatorTM works across all formats and devices, including desktop, mobile web, mobile app and CTV.

Google Campaign Manager 360 is the leading global advertiser ad server. Brands and agencies that manage campaigns via Google Campaign Manager 360 also rely on verification solutions to protect their digital investments and measure campaign quality. Historically, the set-up and tagging process between verification platforms and Google Campaign Manager 360 has been manual – requiring brands and agencies to create and wrap campaigns in verification tags. Not only can this activity increase the amount of time required to get campaigns live, in many cases tags also are omitted inadvertently due to human error, leaving campaigns unprotected as a consequence. To navigate these challenges, investment, programmatic trading and ad operations teams require solutions that can automate the trafficking workflow between verification and Google Campaign Manager 360.

To serve these audiences, DV Campaign AutomatorTM automates the entire verification trafficking workflow for brands and agencies, while offering comprehensive protection and reporting capabilities. With this solution, joint DV and Google clients will be able to:

  • Launch Campaigns Faster: DV Campaign AutomatorTM enables advertisers to accelerate their campaign activation process by fully automating the campaign trafficking workflow and eliminating the need to interchange between Google and DV systems.
  • Boost Operational Efficiency: DV removes the most manual and repetitive touch points. According to internal DV analysis, Campaign AutomatorTM can reduce campaign setup time by up to 85% within DV Pinnacle® – saving advertisers administrative effort and enabling them to focus more on other critical aspects of campaign strategy and execution.
  • Ensure Ads are Protected, Seen, and Delivered: Through DV Campaign AutomatorTM, clients can more easily activate DV’s Authentic AdTM measurement – ensuring that their ads are viewed by a real human, in a brand safe and suitable environment and in the right geography. This solution also enables a number of unique features, such as Programmatic Analytics reporting and DV Video Filtering.
  • Maximize Campaign Performance: With this release, clients can also easily activate DV Authentic Attention®, an MRC-accredited measurement solution that provides timely, impression-level insights to optimize campaign performance — from the impact of an ad’s presentation to key dimensions of consumer engagement.

“We are thrilled to launch DV Campaign AutomatorTM which provides advertisers a singular solution that fully automates verification support, campaign setup and trafficking workflow on Google Campaign Manager 360,” said Jack Smith, Chief Product Officer at DoubleVerify. “With DV Campaign AutomatorTM, we are simplifying and automating the entire process between our system and the world’s most used ad server, to better support global brands and agencies.”

DV’s solution was developed in partnership and close coordination with Google, enabling end-to-end automation within Google Campaign Manager 360. Today’s launch underscores Google’s commitment to supporting advertiser and agency clients with efficient campaign trafficking workflows and powerful insights.

DV has partnered with Google since 2011, providing viewability and fraud measurement across YouTube and Google ad serving solutions. In 2018, DoubleVerify was selected as Google’s trusted measurement partner for Brand Safety and Viewability within the Measurement Partner Program. In 2020, DV launched Authentic Brand Suitability on Google Display & Video 360 and earlier last year, DV was the first verification provider to earn MRC accreditation for Independent Third-Party Viewability Reporting on YouTube.



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