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DSP Concepts, the audio platform powering more than 50M devices for many of the world’s best consumer and automotive brands, announced a partnership with CloudNav to bring its sensor fusion technology to Audio Weaver. This means that developers can seamlessly deploy CloudNav’s Performance Fusion technology through Audio Weaver’s drag-and-drop graphical interface to integrate and automatically calibrate inertial sensors for optimal product performance.

CloudNav is a privately held and headquartered in San Jose, CA, focused on solving multiple known algorithmic problems in audio, motion tracking, and location. Headed by an experienced engineering team with extensive experience in sensors working previously for companies such as Marvell, InvenSense and Kionix, CloudNav now offers a range of software solutions, designed for easy integration into multiple platforms for consumer and industrial applications. Its suite of software products includes sensor fusion, context awareness, pedometer, location tracking, indoor navigation/Pedestrian Dead Reckoning, and patentable algorithms to assist in calibrating sensors. 

“Audio Weaver has quickly become the preferred development platform for deploying audio and voice features into embedded systems, and is a critical tool for many of the world’s most innovative brands,” says Drake Margiotta, CEO of CloudNav. “With the addition of our Performance Fusion technology, product makers building on Audio Weaver can expand beyond audio and leverage 9-axis sensor fusion data to facilitate a range of new use cases.”

CloudNav’s Performance Fusion improves the functionality of products with a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer, which includes hearables, wearables, and robotics, and boasts a small enough footprint that it can be deployed in compact, low power devices. Through this partnership, DSP Concepts’ customers also gain access to CloudNav’s consulting services, which are rooted in more than 20 years of sensor fusion and location expertise.

“Accurately calibrating sensors in real time without disrupting the user experience is hard,” says Michael Maia, Vice President of Marketing of DSP Concepts. “That’s what makes Performance Fusion such a valuable addition to our platform. The CloudNav team is one of the most skilled in the industry in efficient sensor fusion algorithm development. We are very excited to have their IP available for immediate integration in Audio Weaver.”

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