Foursquare to Power Geospatial Data Visualization in Amazon SageMaker


Foursquare capability in Amazon SageMaker allows customers to visualize planetary-scale geospatial data for machine learning easily

Foursquare, the leading independent location technology company, exclusively powers data visualization for the new Amazon SageMaker geospatial capabilities announced recently at Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent 2022. Foursquare Studio can visualize geospatial data at a massive scale with ease, enabling data scientists to explore geospatial data interactively and seamlessly on a map as they build, train, and deploy ML models on Amazon SageMaker.

The world’s most innovative companies rely on geospatial data to make critical business decisions. Many of them, including Uber, Redfin and DoorDash, already work with Foursquare to enrich their business processes with location data and analytics tools. As more and more enterprises realize the opportunity for geospatial data to improve their decisions, they are looking for simpler ways to extract insights using cutting-edge ML models. Before today, data scientists and ML engineers had to build and assemble a complicated chain of data sets and ML tools to extract insights from geospatial data, slowing down their pace of innovation.

Using Foursquare Studio, data scientists and ML engineers can explore massive geospatial datasets interactively. With Foursquare Studio in Amazon SageMaker, customers can extract geospatial features of predictive value, such as identifying the most frequently traversed areas of a city or detecting traffic patterns after an event, to make predictions. Utilizing these geospatial features, they can also build ML models that enable business analysts to make smarter and faster decisions, such as choosing where to locate their next store or estimate the value of a property based on the characteristics of its neighborhood.

“Foursquare continues to invest in location technologies that serve enterprises as well as consumers,” said Ankit Patel, SVP of Engineering at Foursquare. “Having worked with AWS to build Foursquare Studio in Amazon SageMaker, we are excited to see customers use the new geospatial capabilities to generate meaningful insights. Many businesses are already using Foursquare data and tools along with AWS analytics and machine learning services. We look forward to helping many more enterprises unlock the potential of geospatial data with Foursquare Studio in Amazon SageMaker.”

Amazon SageMaker’s geospatial capabilities were launched as a preview at AWS re:Invent 2022. To find out more, please visit


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