FreeWheel and AMC Networks Launch New, Fully Self-Service Linear Addressable Capabilities Across Multi-Screen Campaigns


FreeWheel has announced that it has teamed up with AMC Networks to introduce a new, fully self-service linear addressable solution. This new industry offering will allow programmers to unlock previously hard-to-access inventory for monetization purposes and provide ease of management for multi-screen campaigns.

This new solution is noteworthy as it addresses two current industry problems: First, programmers want access to addressable advertising across all of their inventory supply pools, including digital, set-top-box video on demand (STB VOD), and linear. Secondly, programmers currently do not have a way to break down individual ad units into impressions.

With this new offering, advertisers can now:

  • Make real-time decisions across previously siloed supply to improve audience reach and monetization.
  • Utilize a self-service solution to give programmers control of their inventory.
  • Use an automated schedule ingest to identify addressable supply and capture relevant business rules (e.g., industry categories, SASO), thereby reducing the need to identify spots in multiple systems.

“We’re approaching an inflection point in addressable advertising. Interest and spending in this sector is growing, and until now, programmers have been constrained by a lack of scale,” said Mark McKee, General Manager, FreeWheel. “At FreeWheel, our purpose is to better connect buyers and sellers with solutions that make TV advertising more efficient, and we believe this new solution will go a long way in achieving that goal for linear addressable and the industry.”

FreeWheel Appoints Mark McKee as General Manager

According to research from Go Addressable, an industry initiative to advance the adoption and scale of addressable advertising, nearly 90% of advertisers agree that addressable is important to the future of TV advertising, and one in three addressable TV advertisers plan to increase their spending this year.

AMC Networks has established a leadership position in bringing addressable advertising to television. After successful trial campaigns in late 2020 and 2021, the company in 2022 is offering three national addressable slots in every hour of original programming on AMC and WE tv, with Amazon on board as the first advertising partner to take advantage of the opportunity to more effectively reach consumers with relevant advertising through this enhanced level of targeting.

Go Addressable Launches Unified Industry Guidelines for Addressable Advertising

“As we are demonstrating with our own inventory every day, addressable advertising has arrived, and now the next step is making it even more widely available and easier to buy,” said Evan Adlman, senior vice president of advanced advertising and digital partnerships for AMC Networks. “We are thrilled FreeWheel agreed to partner with us to expand access to this superior approach to television advertising, unlocking inventory that allows businesses to deliver more relevant and targeted messages to viewers across the country.”

FreeWheel is currently working with Canoe (an industry joint venture formed by Charter, Comcast, and Cox) to introduce this new solution with AMC Networks. Moving forward, it will be available through other programmers later this year.



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