FuboTV Reports Successful Results for Advertisers Adopting Unified ID 2.0


FuboTV Inc., the leading sports-first live TV streaming platform, has announced a significant improvement on advertising campaigns transacted using Unified ID 2.0 (UID 2.0) through The Trade Desk’s platform. The first connected TV (CTV) partner to adopt the open-source, interoperable identity initiative, FuboTV has since seen a spend growth rate 112.8% faster than the increase in available impressions. This means advertisers were able to more precisely serve ads, while FuboTV was able to maximize yield and efficiencies for its available inventory, which is entirely addressable, premium video content.

A success for both the buy side and sell side, advertiser spend increased by 61.5% year-over-year, ad impressions increased by 25% year-over-year in addition to an increase in CPMs year-over-year for campaigns transacted through FuboTV using the identity solution.

Advertisers leveraging UID 2.0 can seamlessly tap into first-party data across devices including CTV to achieve reach and scale. In fact, an e-commerce retailer with a large first-party CRM data set using UID 2.0 saw better than average performance on campaigns transacted through FuboTV’s ad inventory. Cost per action (CPA) was reduced by 9%, conversion rate was 25% stronger and return on ad spend (ROAS) improved by 14% compared to overall average campaign performance.

Unified ID 2.0 is a new industry-wide approach to internet identity that aims to preserve the value of relevant advertising while prioritizing consumer privacy and transparency. The solution also decreases the industry’s reliance on third-party cookies, which only account for browser-based environments.

“As the first CTV partner to adopt Unified ID 2.0, FuboTV is constantly innovating to remain at the forefront of advertising technology for streaming,” said Chris Flatley, VP, advertising sales, FuboTV. “The results we’ve achieved since partnering with The Trade Desk on Unified ID 2.0 are a testament to the power of identity-based solutions. We’re just starting with UID 2.0 and look forward to bringing the benefit to even more advertisers across FuboTV’s premium CTV inventory.”

“CTV is a proving ground for new approaches to identity with ID solutions such as Unified ID 2.0, which aim to create a more consistent advertising experience across digital media,” said Ash Gangwar, general manager of TV partnerships, The Trade Desk. “As a leader in the CTV space, FuboTV understands the growing importance and benefits of an alternative – identity solution for advertisers, publishers and the consumer.”

An increasing number of publishers, supply-side platforms and data and measurement partners are collaborating around Unified ID 2.0 intending to achieve a better approach to identity across the open internet. For more information about Unified ID 2.0, please visit the Unified ID solution site.



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