Game Jolt, Social Platform for Gen Z Gamers, Raises $2.6M


Where Millions of Gamers Share and Discover Videos, Art, and In-Game Moments

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Game Jolt, the social platform where millions of Gen Z gamers and creators share and discover content around their favorite video games, today announced $2.6 million in seed funding from gaming insiders. Acequia Capital led the investment round alongside Madrona Venture Group, Graph Ventures, and Inventures Collective. Tech leaders including the founders of Twitch, Rec Room, and joined the round.

Hailed by users as “TikTok for games,” Game Jolt will use the capital to build in-app live streaming, discoverability and monetization for its game-based content creators.

“Game Jolt is made up of communities built by passionate gamers,” said Game Jolt cofounder and CEO Yaprak DeCarmine. “The majority of social platforms focus on the niche group of content creators looking to become professional gamers as a career. What we’re seeing on Game Jolt is that every gamer creates content and Game Jolt offers a place where they can celebrate the games that brought them together in the first place while discovering other players through their own creations.”

“Yaprak is inspired and deeply connected to the accelerating energy of the gaming movement, especially with the newest generation of gamers who are digital first and social on day one. We share her vision and excitement and look forward to helping grow Game Jolt into the #1 community platform for gamers,” shared Hank Vigil of Acequia Capital.

Game Jolt is available on the web and on mobile apps for iOS and Android, both in open beta. With over 40,000 communities dedicated to games, Game Jolt’s largest communities exceed half a million active members.

About Game Jolt

Game Jolt is the community platform for millions of gamers and the content they love, with 40,000 communities for top games like Minecraft and Pokémon and emerging titles like Five Nights at Freddy’s and Among Us. Focused on Gen Z and Gen Alpha, Game Jolt hosts creators and influencers with millions of followers.


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