Glewee Launches First Free-To-Use Invite-Only Marketplace To Connect Marketers and Influencers


Unique Platform Allows Collaboration for More Successful Brand Campaigns

TAMPA, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Glewee has launched an innovative online marketplace designed to allow marketing executives, brand campaign managers, and social media influencers to connect and collaborate in order to execute new social media product/service campaigns. By utilizing the company’s platform, businesses can find and select the specific influencers who are most likely to deliver the best engagement and sales for their brands. Influencers can support brands relevant to their values and interests while securing independent income.

Unlike other competing companies, Glewee does not use technology just to create databases of content creators. Instead, both marketing professionals and influencers apply and go through a vetting process to ensure they meet standards for the platform. From spending budgets to creator engagement rates, various metrics are taken into account during this process. Just months after going to market, Glewee is already nearing 5,000 applications. Applying for Glewee is completely free, and there are no upfront costs or monthly/subscription fees to have an account or use the platform. Creators and brands can engage at their own customized agreed-upon rates. Glewee takes a small, fixed-rate service fee from the overall campaign payout in exchange for connecting a marketer and influencer.

“We didn’t want to just scrape creator websites and then tell brands that we were giving them access to ‘millions’ of influencers,” says Glewee founder and CEO Dylan Duke. “We wanted to focus on the core value of the platform: delivering true connection between Brands and Creators. This platform takes advantage of in-depth campaign processes to allow high-quality relationships to flourish, all while allowing marketers to use key data metrics to track the success of their campaigns.”

When brands join Glewee, they can work with influencers with followings on popular social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. This allows marketers to reach more specific target demographics based on the typical users for each platform. At the same time, brands can reach larger audiences if desired by partnering with relevant influencers who have followings across multiple platforms.

With either approach, the influencers can ensure that the brands are reaching customers who are truly interested in their offerings. Having a large network of brands available also allows influencers to make sure they are marketing consistently according to their individual voice, which means that followers are more likely to perceive the influencer as authentic and stick with them over time. To ensure every niche is covered, the Glewee Brand Community includes hundreds of brands spanning everything from skincare and beauty to esports and music.

Glewee also provides brands with variety in terms of post type and visibility enhancers. There are over 75 combinations of post types that a brand can request from a creator, based on the variety of functions established in the brand deal. For example, if a brand opts to create posts for Instagram, then they can create feed or story posts, and they can integrate brand tags, hashtags, and a swipe up link to the brand’s website. This range in content helps the brand to get more specific about who actually sees the post and what goals the post needs to achieve.

If you’re a marketer or influencer who would like to get involved in this exclusive marketplace, please visit Glewee’s website, submit your application, and book a free demo.

Founded in 2020, Glewee is a privately-held company based in Tampa, Florida. The business provides a free, application-based platform designed to connect brands and social media creators/influencers.

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