Google’s Analytics 360: What You Need to Know – October 2021


Product line sub-properties, custom user roles, and big caps on dimensions, audiences, and conversion types are now available in Google Analytics 360.

The update, which was released on Thursday for enterprise-level firms, builds on Google Analytics 4 to fulfill measurement demands for custom campaigns for larger companies and agencies.

Because of its machine-learning capabilities and other technology, Google dubbed Analytics 4 the future of measurement in 2020.
Although 84 percent of decision-makers questioned regarded cross-platform analytics as “essential” or “extremely important,” only 43% had cross-platform analytics tools implemented, according to a Forrester Research research issued in mid-2020.

Advertisers may now collaborate on up to four product line sub-properties for each country team, then tweak parameters with Analytics 360. Those sub-properties are linked to the Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform accounts associated with the campaigns currently running in those regions.

Marketers may accomplish this by establishing specific roll-up properties for the United States, Canada, and Mexico across all four product lines. This will allow them to gain a greater understanding of the target audiences for the products.

Only Analytics 360 will have roll-up and sub-properties, which will be available in the coming months.

Up to 125 custom dimensions, 400 audiences, and 50 conversion types are now supported in the latest edition of Analytics 360. Marketers can export billions of daily events to BigQuery using Analytics 360 if they wish to analyze. Select reporting collections, or groups of reports, can be granted specific user responsibilities based on themes such as customer acquisition.

Marketers can also get real-time intraday data through Analytics 360’s interface and API. Ganem explains that the data often shows within an hour of collecting, allowing for faster, near-real-time judgments during critical periods like Black Friday.


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