GSTV Partners with Vistar Media for Ad Serving Technology


New Tech Supports Increased GSTV Programmatic Demand

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vistar Media, the leading global provider of software for programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH), and GSTV, the national video network engaging and entertaining targeted audiences at scale across tens of thousands of fuel retailers, have formed a strategic partnership for Vistar to power GSTV’s network of digital displays with ad serving software.

For the past four years, GSTV has seen massive success participating in Vistar’s programmatic marketplace through the Vistar supply-side platform (SSP). Building on that trusted partnership, support, and rapid network growth, GSTV has now transitioned its ad serving system onto Vistar’s technology. Vistar’s ad server enables GSTV to ensure reliable content and ad delivery across more than 28,000 locations nationwide.

Partnering with Vistar to streamline its business operations technology enables GSTV to focus on its core expertise of creating and delivering compelling media experiences across its network. Vistar’s software takes on the complexities of scheduling, managing, and reporting on ads, while also enabling automation for GSTV’s content requirements.

“We are focused on growing our cutting-edge network along with developing meaningful media experiences that drive action and create lasting brand impressions. To optimize the flexibility that buyers require at our scale, we knew that we needed to adopt a future-facing ad-serving solution,” said Winston Benedict, Chief Technology Officer, GSTV. “Vistar is a proven partner that combines enterprise-grade engineering with nimble innovation to meet the needs of our growing network. This partnership sets our network up for success today and in the future and ultimately to best serve our client partners.”

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Working hand in hand, the Vistar and GSTV engineering teams have created a scalable solution to maintain the high-quality media experience across GSTV’s tens of thousands of locations. In the past year alone, GSTV’s programmatic business has more than doubled YOY. With the upgrade, the new Vistar ad-server unlocks additional unsold GSTV supply for programmatic monetization for the first time to meet growing demand.

“GSTV offers advertisers the ability to reach a highly engaged audience while at the pump, and we’re thrilled they have selected us as their partner to set their network up for optimal success,” said Eric Lamb, SVP, Supply at Vistar Media. “By implementing our ad serving solution, GSTV can now seamlessly manage their inventory and deliver content and advertising across a stable network.”

Vistar’s ad serving and network management technology is available to enterprise and startup networks globally. For more information about Vistar, please direct inquiries to To learn more about programmatic advertising on GSTV, please visit



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