Heineken USA builds 1-on-1 Relationship with Customers via BlueConic CDP


Although the demise of third-party data has been a hot topic for many years, the discussion resurfaced this month when Google revealed that once third-party cookies are blocked from its Chrome browser, it will no longer accept alternative user-level identifiers.

As browser restrictions become more stringent – and privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA gain traction – it becomes clear that businesses must move from third-party to first-party data if they want to improve user experience and expand their businesses.

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies have found this change to be even more important. Since transactions occur at stores, restaurants, bars, and/or entertainment venues, Heineken, like many other CPGs, has traditionally lacked access to first-party data. In other words, they act as a barrier between the brand and its consumers, essentially preventing them from having a direct relationship. In fact, alcoholic liquor firms are prohibited from selling directly to customers by law.

The company introduced a first-party data strategy to gain new insights and engage customers in new and creative ways that are both privacy compliant and deliver value, in order to reduce its dependence on third-party data and allow 1:1 customer relationships.


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