How to Strategically Connect with Specific Audiences through Social Media


Marketers must develop their social strategy around which generation they are trying to reach.

Marketers understand that social media is vital for interacting with customers, building communities, and promoting products, but do you know how various generations use social media platforms and what they want from brands? The secrets to social marketing lie in these responses.

A recent analysis by Emplifi, based on information from Harris Interactive, provides some recommendations to assist marketers in developing their social media strategies.

According to Emplifi, social continues to overtake other options as consumers’ first choice, and businesses that take their customers’ example and adopt social media will prosper.

The research provides essential answers to the following queries for marketers:

Which social media channels do the various generations favor?

Facebook is where you’ll find Generation X, while TikTok and Instagram are more popular with Generation Z. Twitter and YouTube both have comparable engagement levels across all age groups.

Social media is the preferred channel for brand communication across all age groups.

How do consumers use social media when making a purchase?

More than 40% of Americans now connect with brands on social media during the buying process, and 68% either use or want to use social media to ask questions before making a purchase.

Approximately 64% of people use social media to make purchases or would prefer to do so, and 59% feel the same about post-purchase communications.

On Facebook, Gen X and millennials find the most buy inspiration, but Gen Z finds the most on YouTube, although it also received good marks from other age groups. For Gen Z, TikTok also plays a significant role in motivating purchases.

What do customers demand from brands on social media?

When making purchases on social media, 62% of consumers say they don’t have an outstanding customer experience; this percentage rises to 70% among Gen Z.

And while 32% anticipate receiving a response in less than 30 minutes, 52% want brands to respond to their questions within an hour.

The study reveals a discrepancy between consumer expectations and reality because 20% of respondents are left waiting for more than 24 hours, while another 20% regularly wait at least two hours for a response.

The implications for marketers

The study demonstrates how consumers rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions and provides information to help marketers focus on the relevant social media channels.

The fact that all respondents, especially Gen Z, demand improved customer experiences from firms on social media, especially in reaction times, may be the most critical result.

According to the survey, brands should constantly be available for conversations on social media.

We already know that Gen Z customers have high expectations for brands in terms of customization and prefer inclusive content from companies that engage creators and communities.

Marketers could help their business become a favorite among the younger generation by fusing those methods with quick social media responses.


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