Innovid and Davis Elen Advertising Demonstrate Cross-Device Effectiveness Through Collaboration with Samsung and LG


Advertising Agency News This Week – March 27, 2023

The expanded InnovidXP collaboration measures frequency, reach, and overlap results in real-time across CTV, linear, desktop, and mobile screens to produce additional reach and frequency-based cost savings.

Innovid Corp., an advertising platform focusing on delivering, personalizing, and measuring converged TV across linear, connected TV, and digital, recently announced the results of a cross-device campaign it ran with Davis Elen Advertising. This campaign led to a 20% drop in the average cost per unique reach for a global project management software client. This was accomplished by increasing its reliance on InnovidXP, an ad server and monitoring tool.

After experiencing previous success with Innovid for brand clients on CTV, Davis Elen Advertising switched to a cross-device strategy to see if video campaigns running collaboratively on TV, desktop, and mobile screens, in addition to connected TV, would result in additional reach and frequency cost savings for its software client. The objective of reaching all streaming video inventory was attained through a partnership with both Samsung Ads and LG Ad Solutions to efficiently access Samsung and LG owned and run inventory.

Using InnovidXP, which automatically recorded frequency, reach, and overlapped results in a real-time dashboard for optimization, Davis Elen Advertising and their client saw a unique reach of 92% across cross-device video partners. Additionally, the client obtained a startling 2% audience overlap across Samsung and LG TVs, seven times the average campaign frequency.

Davis Elen’s automotive vertical customers also use this approach with Innovid and the CTV OEMs.


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