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Virtual Event to be held on September 30th

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Insert event participants in fifth paragraph: Amy Avery (SVP, Head of Analytics, Research & Insights at Bank of America), John von Brachel (SVP, Content Marketing Executive at Bank of America).

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Virtual Event to be held on September 30th

Knotch Co-Founders Anda Gansca and Aron Tzimas announced today that Knotch will launch the next-generation of their Content Intelligence Platform (CIP) on September 30, 2021. Over the last two years we have seen a massive increase in digital content investment across Fortune 1000 and smaller companies. The impact of reaching and converting audiences online has led companies to build content practices internally and double down on collaborations with agencies and publishers.

Inspired by this exponential growth, investment and the importance of incorporating audience signal into the creation, optimization and personalization of content, Knotch has re-imagined their CIP. This next-gen product will enable fast & mass scale deployment, strong first party data collection, a privacy-first approach and the measurement & delivery of business outcomes through content.

Some highlights of Knotch’s next-generation platform include:

  1. Site Wide Analytics: through Ktag, Knotch’s new high performance content tagging, customers will be able to track every relevant event that happens on any page or content asset across every channel. Ktag also scales automatically with the creation of any new content, creating a code-free analysis environment after the initial deployment.

  2. User Journeys, Conversion Analysis & Funnel Mapping: powerful full-funnel content attribution that analyzes the brand to demand spectrum and provides actionable and prescriptive insights for optimization.

  3. Content Catalogue: automated content auditing for visibility of internal content efforts as well as those of competitors and relevant brands.

  4. Actionable Insights: Knotch’s AI-driven proprietary benchmarks, insights, outcomes and scores (BIOS) provides context to the performance of a customer’s data allowing them to more quickly understand how to adjust their strategy.

“As pioneers of CI (Content Intelligence), we have empowered content & digital teams at some of the most relevant brands in the world to incorporate audience signal into their messaging and communications,” said Anda Gansca, Co-Founder and CEO, Knotch. “With the release of our next-gen CIP, we are connecting content investment to business outcomes to measure, optimize and ultimately demonstrate the power of digital storytelling.”

To register for the official launch of the Knotch next-gen on September 30th, go to Featured speakers and Knotch customers at the event include: Amy Avery (SVP, Head of Analytics, Research & Insights at Bank of America), John von Brachel (SVP, Content Marketing Executive at Bank of America), Angela Matusik (Head of Corporate Brand, Content & Creative at HP), and Ian Cohen (Head of Global Content Innovation & Creation at PayPal), along with Anda Gansca (Co-Founder & CEO at Knotch) and Aron Tzimas (Co-Founder & CCO at Knotch).

About Knotch

Knotch is the global leader in Content Intelligence that enables brands to unlock the true value of their content, connect their content investment to business outcomes, and optimize their content strategy through data-based insights. The Knotch Content Intelligence Platform consolidates a full range of datasets spanning both owned and paid content channels in a single location, providing a one-stop view and analysis of content activity not available from any other source. For more information, visit


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