Instagram To Add Parental Controls for Teens


Social media platform Instagram has received a lot of heat for its lack of age verification tools to ensure users are at least 13. 

Instagram has an algorithm that can push young people to read harmful things, like material that encourages eating disorders

The new tools that Instagram is rolling out are meant to be just one part of a bigger plan to keep teenagers safe online. This is in addition to other tools already in place, such as making new teen profiles private and not allowing unconnected adults to start DMs with teens.

How much time their child spends on Instagram, who they follow, and when they report an account to content moderators are all things that parents can now see thanks to new tools added. Teens won’t be able to use Instagram during school hours or before going to bed in the future.

Instagram currently requires parents to have an account to keep an eye on their kids’ use. The company is looking into the possibility of letting parents who don’t have an account keep an eye on their kids’ social media use.

According to a statement from Oculus on Wednesday, Meta will also let parents keep an eye on what apps their kids use and download with its virtual reality Oculus Quest headsets in the coming months. The new rules come after parents, experts, and the British government raised concerns about how children might be hurt or harassed in virtual reality.

As with Instagram’s monitoring tools, teenagers who use Oculus will have to agree to let their parents watch them. Teenagers will be able to see what their parents see when they look at their accounts on both of these apps.


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