Instagram and TikTok Users are More Engaged with Native Video Ads


Advertisers may ask which of the two leading platforms for short-form video, Instagram or TikTok, works better for video ads.

To find out, Creatopy conducted a comparison study in October 2021, which revealed that 15-second Instagram Reel Commercials performed better than TikTok ads.

A follow-up study has been conducted to see if the ad structure may have skewed the results in Instagram’s favor.

According to the most recent survey, native video advertisements on TikTok outperform Instagram Reels in advertising performance.

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Reels outperformed TikTok in the first attempt, generating twice as much reach and three times as many impressions.

In the most recent survey, TikTok outperformed Reels in reach and impressions, generating about 45K more impressions.

In October, TikTok’s cost per 1,000 (CPM) based upon reached users was twice as high as Reels’, but expenses were determined to be comparable when native advertisements were used.

According to Creatopy, there were 91 clicks on Reels compared to 36 last year, while 61 clicks on TikTok compared to 28 in 2021.

The results show that interaction with native ads may be better than with product videos.

Curiously, Creatopy discovered that TikTok’s video commercials increased the organic views of its other videos.

It is suggested that marketers adapt their content to the platform they intend to use.


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