Key Reasons to Include Programmatic Media in your Mix


As we all know, the digital marketing world has changed drastically over the last several years and continues to change at a rapid pace. It’s truly hard to keep up!

Consumers spend more of their time online and on mobile devices, forcing brands to evolve the way they reach them. One of the ways to do this in the digital space, which is both efficient and effective, is programmatic media. Programmatic offers an automated process that allows advertisers to buy ads via technology rather than through human interaction and directly with publishers.

Programmatic advertising is an effective tool for marketers looking to reach specific target audiences, which they can do through data-based targeting. Programmatic ads allow for more precise targeting, which can help advertisers save money because they do not have to pay for impressions that don’t interest their target audience. Marketers can customize ad content based on user data and particular interests with programmatic ads.

In the programmatic space, advertisers use banner/display ads, streaming video, streaming audio, and native, to name a few. Programmatic ads can run across several devices and sized screens, including desktop, tablet, mobile and connected TV. Programmatic platforms, called “Demand Side Platforms” or DSP for short, use algorithms to automate buying and selling. It’s also known as “real-time bidding,” or RTB for short.

It’s important to stay on top of trends; the media industry is changing rapidly. Traditional TV ad revenue is dropping, and digital advertising is gaining popularity. This poses a problem for advertisers, who may miss out on the best opportunities to reach consumers. While advertisers need to continue using certain traditional advertising to reach their audience, programmatic should always be a consideration within the mix.


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