LifeStreet Launches Nero; Mobile Demand-Side Platform with True Bidding Transparency


LifeStreet, a mobile-first programmatic marketing platform for performance advertisers, recently announced the launch of Nero, its re-engineered demand-side platform (DSP).

LifeStreet’s new platform pushes for greater transparency in ad tech by giving complete visibility into the full combination of variables involved with executing a programmatic media buy from a single user interface (UI). Nero is the first mobile DSP that makes it easy for marketers to set up A/B performance tests in order to determine which configurations of a bidding strategy have the greatest impact on campaign performance. With Nero, an infinite number of bidding strategies can be tested across smaller percentages of traffic so that only those changes with demonstrable ROAS-positive results are applied to the entire campaign, removing any guesswork that can lead to wasted ad spend.

Powered by Nero’s prediction engine, LifeStreet’s proprietary machine learning (ML) models help performance advertisers find and grow their app-specific audiences through custom bidding strategies. LifeStreet’s predictive models use advertiser first-party data to predict the value of each individual user to the advertiser. By dynamically bidding for each user, CPIs decrease, user quality improves, and performance marketers are able to maximize ROAS. The new platform includes technical enhancements that have significantly improved its ability to build substantially more complex models, improving predictive accuracy, decreasing CPIs by up to 53%, and increasing impression-to-install rates by up to 100%.

Programmatic in 2022: Increasing Trust and Transparency

Other capabilities include:

  • UI for DMP Audience Creation: Quickly create and refine audience segments to target ad spend more effectively.
  • Complete campaign change auditing: Track what changes were made, when, and by whom to understand how key actions impacted a campaign.
  • Reporting: More tools for reporting, campaign management, and ad spend optimization:
  • Real-time analytics for campaign monitoring and optimization
  • Exhaustive reporting on all downstream metrics
  • Point and click system to easily generate reports

Steps to a More Inclusive Media Procurement and Planning Process

The release of the Nero platform is a key milestone on LifeStreet’s journey to make programmatic advertising more transparent and accessible. The next major release, scheduled for later this year, will introduce a self-service option for advertisers who want greater control of their buying strategy. Clients will be able to pick and choose what parts of a campaign they want to control through the Nero platform – from budgets to bidding formulas – and what they prefer for LifeStreet to manage.


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