LinkedIn Campaign Manager for Marketers: What You Need to Know


If you don’t already know, LinkedIn Campaign Manager is the command center for LinkedIn advertising. 


What Is a Campaign Manager?


LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager is a self-service platform that allows ad campaigns to be created, measured, and optimized in one spot to unify your marketing efforts. It will enable marketers to launch campaigns in 23 languages and connect with the world’s most significant professional network.


The ad platform is designed to deliver success for a diverse range of businesses and organizations with various marketing goals, and ad spend budgets, reaching a potential audience of almost 810 million LinkedIn members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.


What is the purpose of Campaign Manager? 


Advertisers can use Campaign Manager to design and track campaigns. Within the world’s most powerful professional network, these initiatives generate leads, boost website traffic, and raise brand awareness.


Like other advertising platforms, Campaign Manager uses an organizational hierarchy to keep advertisers organized. The account, campaign groups, campaigns, and ads are all part of this.


Each account is associated with a single Linkedin Page. This LinkedIn Page is usually a company page. Although most advertisers have one account, major corporations may have separate accounts for each business unit. And different accounts may be used for each client by agencies.


Advertisers can use campaign groups to collate campaigns that are related. For example, an advertiser could build a single campaign group to launch multiple advertisements associated with the same product or event. Each campaign group can have up to 2,000 campaigns attached to it. Advertisers can also use campaign groups to manage the status, timeline, and overall budget of all campaigns associated with the group. If this is your first time using Campaign Manager, a default campaign group called “Default Campaign Group” will be established for you.


Each campaign has a distinct goal within your campaign group and targets a specific audience. LinkedIn has seven different advertising objectives, with brand awareness most common. Similarly, advertisers can choose from hundreds of company and member-level characteristics (e.g., company industry, member seniority, member interests, etc.) using Campaign Manager’s sophisticated targeting features.


Tip: LinkedIn recommends using an easily remembered name when naming your campaign. For example, “Business Event” isn’t ideal because it doesn’t specify the goal or target demographic. However, “Business Event – Brand Awareness – EMEA, C-Suite” allows users to immediately identify a campaign based on the goal (“brand awareness”) and the target audience (“EMEA, C-Suite”).


Your audience will see an advertisement. The creative, a headline, copy, and a destination URL are usually included. There are numerous ad formats to choose from. Sponsored content with a single image is the most popular, but you may choose from more than ten ads, including video ads, carousel ads, discussion ads, and more.


Bonus! You will need to upload a creative depending on the ad format you choose. This is a picture or video that has been scaled to a specified size. The LinkedIn Ads Guide lists the specifications for each ad format.


What’s new in Campaign Manager in 2022?


To make it easier for advertisers to manage campaigns and accounts, LinkedIn is shifting the topbar navigation to the left-hand sidebar. Advertisers can now switch between accounts easily, find account assets and settings, plan, execute and test their campaigns. 


Advertisers can now delete campaign groups and ads regardless of their status. Advertisers can now delete a draft, test, and complete campaigns quickly. Advertisers can concentrate on the most critical campaigns with a simple dashboard. 


To get started with LinkedIn Advertising and Campaign Manager, click here to be directed to LinkedIn.


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For more information on the latest improvements to the LinkedIn navigation experience, read here.

To read the legal terms associated with LinkedIn Campaign Manager, read here.


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