LiveRamp Rolls Out Authenticated Traffic Solution to iQIYI


ATS will help to unlock iQIYI’s addressable streaming inventory for the world’s top marketers in key markets including Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, and Australia

LiveRamp has announced the rollout of its Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) to iQIYI’s streaming services, starting with services in Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, and Australia. As a result of this integration, ATS will enable the world’s top marketers to tap into the global streamer’s addressable inventory for precision targeting, without relying on third-party identifiers such as third-party cookies, mobile ad IDs, or IP addresses.

“Many of the changes besieging the advertising ecosystem, including the loss of common signals such as third-party cookies and mobile identifiers, ultimately stem from consumers losing trust in the way their data is being handled. At LiveRamp, we truly believe in creating an ecosystem that’s built on trust and transparency with consumers, and we’re excited to see forward-thinking partners like iQIYI embracing ATS to enable a clear value exchange with consumers while also unlocking addressability across their suite of inventories,” said CheeChien Chung, Director, Addressability Southeast Asia at LiveRamp.

AdAdapted Partners With LiveRamp to Expand Network Audience and Increase Targeting Efficiency

ATS establishes addressability through a trusted and transparent value exchange between consumers, marketers, and publishers. This value exchange enables people-based advertising and measurement on authenticated inventory across the open Internet while providing consumers access to content and services in a privacy-first way. More than 400 of the world’s leading advertisers can already activate campaigns with ATS, leveraging authenticated inventory to drive better experiences for consumers.

“Users have benefitted and gained substantial control over their data under recent global data privacy regulations. We believe that increasing transparency for users, as well as giving them better control over their experiences and preferences, can help to continue to increase their trust in the ecosystem. Using ATS, we can power better experiences and meet consumer expectations, while improving inventory addressability in a trusted and transparent way,” said Yuchi (Aji) Chang, Senior Director, AdTech at iQIYI.

Via iQIYI’s addressable inventory, marketers can deliver personalized experiences that improve engagement and increase return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) without compromising consumer privacy. Campaigns transacting on identity see better results than third-party cookies across key metrics, including reach, ROAS, cost-per-page-view, and average order value. Most importantly, ATS helps to power a clear, transparent value exchange with iQIYI’s audience, giving them a better understanding and control of how their data is used.


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