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The Covid-19 presents a challenge to people’s freedoms. The Magna Carta, the Rights of Man, the 1688 Glorious Rebellion, the 1832 reforms, the HRA and so on, have all been put to the severest test. 

The actual cases of COVID-19 may also bring about new legal challenges by its very nature. Consider the situation of health & safety at work, when many care homes were not safe at all. There’s a whole range of potential cases out there. 

Legal firms will have lots of reasons to want to attract new clients from the business sector as well. Many are going bust, but others are having to lay off workers, unable to maintain staff, or are being bought up by other firms. All require good business solicitors to handle those cases.

How do they decide who is best to deal with? Is it just a matter of location, or do people choose their solicitor using other criteria? As a businessman myself running another this company, my choice is always made using a number of factors. One of them is the personal touch. However, what if I didn’t have the lovely solicitor that I know from previous work to help me? What if I was going to someone new? How do I choose then?

These questions are interesting because they answer something about your ability to obtain clients when others fail to do so.  Who is your ideal customer? What do they want of you that you specialise in? Is your law firm multi-skilled or does it specialise?

The way people choose to buy a service is rarely built on logic. Solicitors are people who build their lives on using logic in the meaning of words. That means they are predisposed to see the world in a logical manner. That is why so many are in government as lawmakers, because laws are built on analysis of situations and logical solutions. 

The majority of the human race though doesn’t choose a solicitor using logic. Instead they choose by a combination of factors. Does the service offered say that they help my particular problem? That’s one thing that’s universal. Then they want to feel see if real people exist. Photos don’t cut it. You cannot tell much from a photo, other than ‘do you find them attractive or not?’

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