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Neural DSP kicked off the year with the “heaviest plugin in the universe”, the Archetype: Gojira, and now it seeks to recreate the “amplifier that originated American high-gain tone”, the Soldano SLO-100.

Based on Mike Soldano’s iconic SLO-100 design from the late-’80s, the Soldano SLO-100 Suite recreates its namesake’s two-channel setup, promising to cover “the entire dynamic range needed by the modern guitarist.”

It also boasts six Soldano software effects pedals – a compressor, OD1 boost, OD2 overdrive, vintage chorus, delay and reverb – as well as a nine-band graphic EQ. A cab sim module is also included, featuring hundreds of IRs made by Adam “Nolly” Getgood, six virtual microphones and the ability to load custom IR files.

The Soldano SLO-100 Suite is also available as a standalone software for use outside of a DAW.

Neural DSP Soldano SLO-100 Suite

Says Mike Soldano on the original SLO-100’s creation: “I had a circuit I’d drawn up on a piece of paper that I thought was very promising. So I built the circuit up, plugged it in, heard it and [said]‘woah, this is it – this is that sound!’

He continues: “I figured out a way to create a high-gain sound without losing a lot of the fundamental character of the initial note. I wanted all that clarity and detail, but I wanted to overdrive the hell out of it.”

The Soldano SLO-100 Suite is available now for $119. For more information, head over to Neural DSP.

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