Nielsen Deduplicates Audiences Across Leading Streaming and Smart TV Providers


Roku, Hulu, Samsung, VIZIO, and other media buyers and sellers now have access to enhanced, deduplicated person-level reporting.


Nielsen has expanded connected TV (CTV) audience deduplication to include new Smart TV original equipment manufacturer (OEM) inventory. This allows media buyers and sellers to obtain accurate, person-level viewership across Samsung and VIZIO devices and Roku, Hulu, and other streaming platforms. With this expansion, Nielsen continues to deliver the most extensive coverage and deduplication in the CTV sector across streaming providers and OEMs.

Nielsen’s woes could pave the way for future TV measurement methodologies

Nielsen’s innovative co-viewing methodology and complete market-leading CTV measuring solutions measure all viewers in front of (CTV) screens, accounting for more than 75% of all CTV spending. Thanks to this expansion, Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) users have deduplicated person-level reporting on CTV viewers across top smart TV OEMs and streaming providers. Advertisers can now cut ad waste and deliver relevant ads to the correct audiences across connected TV devices. Media buyers can compare and evaluate CTV inventory and unique reach more thoroughly and comparatively.

The Trade Desk and Nielsen Form Strategic Partnership for International Measurement

The expansion of connected TV (CTV) audience deduplication to include new Smart TV original equipment manufacturer (OEM) inventory is a step toward Nielsen ONE, the next source, cross-media measurement solution, providing enhanced industry coverage.



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