Nielsen Launches Connected TV Ad Optimization


Introducing a new Nielsen solution geared to help Connected TV operators and advertisers better understand household TV viewing habits.

The device, dubbed “Streaming Signals,” is being hailed as a “first-of-its-kind solution” by the nation’s leading audience measurement and consumer data analytics organization. To avoid confusion with the Canadian broadcast TV network, RBR+TVBR avoids using the CTV moniker.

CTV Digital Advertising Shows Unexpected Growth during the Covid-19 Pandemic

According to Nielsen, ” “Streaming Signals” is the next step toward better understanding who watches what programs and better-delivering ads at the personal level. Currently, most CTV advertising targets households.  However, homes often have a variety of viewers with varying interests. Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) clients can use Streaming Signals to optimize and measure CTV reach for more efficient advertising. Streaming Signals uses bespoke machine learning models to inform CTV operators who are now streaming programming to determine who is in the household based on previous viewership statistics. So advertisers and agencies make better, faster decisions to reach their target audiences, reducing irrelevant advertising. As a result, media owners can attract more media money by delivering real-time advertising to the relevant audience.

Using machine learning algorithms, Nielsen panel data, and CTV provider viewership statistics, “Streaming Signals” assigns person-level demographics. By integrating with Nielsen, the CTV provider will be notified of who is likely to be viewing in the household.

Nielsen’s woes could pave the way for future TV measurement methodologies

The media industry is rapidly changing, moving to a streaming-first model, with audiences accessing content on multiple devices, anytime, anywhere.

Streaming behavior and audience statistics are exclusively available from Nielsen.

CTV accounts for 60% of premium video advertising views; programmatic increases to 24%

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