Nielsen’s Smart TV Data Agreement with VIZIO’s Inscape Expanded


Nielsen receives the first window of exclusivity to VIZIO’s significantly increased local station coverage and expands rights to use Inscape ACR data from approximately 20 million VIZIO TVs.


VIZIO and Nielsen have announced a multi-year arrangement to supply Nielsen with precise glass-level viewership data based on Inscape Smart TV data. The agreement includes a period of exclusivity for data collected on an increased roster of 400 local stations, analyzed by Inscape’s systems around the clock.


Nielsen now has the rights from VIZIO to integrate Inscape data in both its local and national audience measurement solutions, which it licenses for national addressable measurement starting in 2021. Nielsen can now incorporate big data from a pool of nearly 20 million Smart TVs as part of this deal, a critical enhancement that includes additional coverage for 400 stations across local US markets that already use Local People Meter, Set Meter, and Portable People Meter panels.


“At Nielsen, we pledge to the industry that we will continue to innovate and improve in the future. “Our commitment is further validated by this deal with one of the leading Smart TV manufacturers for national and local measurement,” said Peter Bradbury, Nielsen’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Having ACR cover millions of devices is amazing for our audience measurement. When these massive data sets are confirmed and augmented by real human behavior, which only Nielsen can do, this symbolizes the future of media measurement,” says Nielsen.


“As watching habits change and audiences fragment across services, Inscape has been at the forefront of enabling improved customer experiences and bringing greater transparency and scale to the measurement sector,” said Mike O’Donnell, VIZIO’s Chief Revenue and Engagement Officer. “As we continue to assist the entire TV business to evolve, we’re delighted to cooperate with Nielsen and for our opted-in viewing statistics to be included in Nielsen’s services.”


Inscape data from VIZIO captures viewing data from millions of linked TV devices (such as cable boxes, set-top boxes, DVRs, and streaming environments). By measuring content on the TV glass, independent of source, ACR data delivers scale, granularity, and timely insights, allowing for a better understanding of what is seen in millions of US households.


Complete representation, over-the-air inclusion, validation of varied representation, understanding when the TV is on or off, and persons-level measurement will all be validated using Nielsen’s panels. Beginning in September, Nielsen will integrate big data into its national TV measurement, marking a significant step toward the launch of Nielsen ONE, the company’s upcoming unified, deduplicated solution for cross-media measurement.




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