Plus Media Solutions Brings Data-Driven Impact to Brands and Content Providers


Plus Media Solutions (+Media) has launched the +Impact Hub, a proprietary SaaS platform enabling organizations to create, measure, and optimize impact via audience engagement and analytics. The impact management system includes end-to-end services helping entities — large or small, nonprofit or corporation — develop and execute data-driven marketing and sustainability

Awareness of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, including climate crisis and social justice, is driving demand for sustainable solutions. And, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) newly proposed regulations enhancing transparency and accountability in ESG disclosures are also increasing demand for data. Yet, sustainability-focused media remains disconnected from action and analytics, frustrating consumers and content creators.

Geared towards content producers, event organizers and brands seeking sustainability outcomes, the +Impact Hub instantly connects motivated audiences with actionable solutions, maximizing audience engagement. +Media’s +Impact Hub enhances impact and sustainability stories by measuring action, providing transparency and clarifying companies’ purposes.

“The +Impact Hub goes beyond traditional donation and volunteering opportunities. Audiences experience amplification and extension of stories and are empowered to act. We select relevant vetted impact solutions, design and implement the +Impact Hub and provide tailored reports on user metrics. No personal data is captured,” said Julie Davitz, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of +Media.

For organizations like +Media’s clients — PBS, FINTECH.TV, Ellevate and Sun Valley Forum to name a few — the +Impact Hub heralds an opportunity to capture analytics, utilize data aggregation to drive ESG strategy, inform investors and build consumer trust.

During beta testing, the average click-through rate of +Impact Hubs was 52.3% — substantially higher than the average click-through rates for advertising (0.27–2.63%) and the advocacy industry (0.59–4.41%). The engagement rate of one client’s +Impact Hub reached 91% at a film screening event last month.

With testing complete, +Media is releasing the impact management system to a broader clientele.


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