Rate of Brand Growth in Enterprise Exceeds that of Consumer – Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2022


Capitalizing on the growing interest in Enterprise (B2B) Brands, Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy, and Doremus+Co, a global leader in B2B marketing and communications, have launched a B2B Special Report as part of 2022 Best Global B2B Brands, a ranking and analysis of the world’s top B2B brands within Interbrand’s iconic annual brand valuation study released in November.

The announcement comes as the momentum and influence of B2B marketing continue to rise. Accelerated by the pandemic and the digitalization of B2B, brand marketing has become imperative for B2B leaders looking to build competitive advantage and long-term value.

The total value of the Top Ten B2B brands has risen to $530,052m from $442,709m in 2021, which represents 20% growth year-over-year. In 2022, B2B brands make up 17% of the total value of the Best Global Brands table.

According to the report data, the rate of growth of B2B brands outstrips that of B2C brands and, because the buying audience is now 73% millennial, we see the fastest growing brands—Microsoft, Adobe and Siemens—outperforming on three critical factors: Participation, Agility, and Affinity, which are about building a sense of community beyond the transaction, speed to market and creating more emotional connections. The top performing brands also have a higher role of brand in the purchase decision criteria (as opposed to more functional features such as price, availability, or product specs).

Kelly Higgins, Chief Marketing Officer at Doremus said: “This is an exciting time for B2B brands and marketers. Those who recognize this moment’s growth potential and embrace the power of a strong brand will be best positioned to achieve competitive advantage and long-term success.”

Daniel Binns, Global Chief Growth Officer, Interbrand said: “The B2B space is incredibly dynamic right now and we’re seeing a shift away from performance marketing, recognizing that B2B businesses need to build brands not just tactically drive the sales funnel. For talent, investment, a license to operate, and customers. The world’s most successful brands create a relationship beyond the transaction—and we are seeing this more and more in a B2B space.”

The B2B Special report combines the brand valuation methodologies of Best Global Brands with insights on the complex realities facing B2B brands on their path to success, including expert perspectives from B2B marketers representing some of the world’s leading brands.

The report is part of a broader strategic partnership between Interbrand and Doremus+Co to help B2B companies navigate a dynamic and evolving marketing landscape and realize the potential of their brand through more connected, end-to-end experiences.

To download the full report, please visit: https://interbrand.com/thinking/enterprise-recalibrated-special-report-download


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