Reddit Selects DoubleVerify as First Full Suite Verification & Measurement Partner


DoubleVerify, a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data, and analytics, recently announced a first-of-its-kind, exclusive partnership with Reddit to enable media verification and maximize advertiser performance across its dynamic, user-generated content environment. The partnership will leverage DV’s technology and data to help Reddit advertisers ensure campaigns are viewable, seen by real people, served in a brand-safe environment, safe from Fraud/IVT, and appear in the intended geography.

Reddit is one of the most-visited websites in the US, comprising over 100,000 active communities, endless conversation, and authentic human connection. For users and advertisers, Reddit is a hub for belonging, engagement, and discovery – where trends and ideas take shape and where the next wave of culture emanates. The user-driven nature of Reddit’s platform creates spaces for passionate audiences and compelling conversations that drive action and influence purchase decisions for the world’s leading brands.

Partnering with DV to independently evaluate “Brand Safety and Suitability,” “Fraud/IVT” (invalid traffic), “Viewability,” and “Geo” for campaigns further Reddit’s commitment to supporting advertisers with access to independent, third-party granular quality and performance data that is timely, clear, and actionable.

“We’re excited to partner with DoubleVerify,” said Jen Wong, COO, Reddit. “As interest in our audience and advertising solutions grows globally, we continue to expand our verification and measurement offerings. Partnering with DoubleVerify will provide Reddit’s advertisers additional insight into campaign performance and outcomes across our platform.”

“User-generated content offers advertisers a unique opportunity to tap into genuine engagement from passionate online communities,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO, DoubleVerify. “At the same time, the dynamic nature of these user-led environments makes the need for comprehensive, third-party authentication critical. To that end, we are excited to be Reddit’s first full suite verification partner, ensuring campaigns meet key quality criteria while maximizing impact and performance for advertisers.”

Providing a consistent metric of quality across leading social media platforms, DV empowers its customers to evaluate media efficiency and efficacy wherever their audiences consume content.

“Our mission is to help brands improve the effectiveness of their online advertising, regardless of where they’re buying,” said Zagorski. “We are giving advertisers real clarity and confidence in their digital investments.”

With DV’s quality verification technology, Reddit advertisers will be able to:

  • Protect Brand Equity – DV’s brand safety and suitability solution protects media buys from objectionable or unsuitable content, safeguarding reputation and brand equity.
  • Fight Potential Fraud – For advertising to perform, it must be seen by real people – DV identifies and protects against fraud and IVT, from hijacked devices to bot manipulation.
  • Ensure Ads are Seen – DV provides comprehensive viewability measurement, offering clarity into whether an ad has the opportunity to be seen and shedding light on its impact.
  • Deliver to the Right Geo – DV’s tools can determine whether or not an ad appeared outside a campaign’s intended geography or block those ads from running.

DV and Reddit will be working on the technical integration over the coming months and anticipate the full suite of solutions to be available in 2023.



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