Rise Vision Helps Schools Use Digital Signage to Make Kindness the Norm ®


WICHITA, Kan.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rise Vision has released three new templates to help schools promote kindness on their digital signage. Schools can now join the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation and encourage students to begin building a new routine that creates intentional moments of kindness, laughter, and delight.

With the new Kindness Calendar template, a new set of kindness ideas will automatically appear each week. By using the World Kindness Day template, schools can celebrate and raise awareness of kindness. And with the Random Acts of Kindness day template, schools can share ideas for random acts of kindness to encourage students to participate. Schools can share these templates on displays throughout their district, classrooms, and common areas to create a more caring and positive culture.

“We surveyed our customers recently and learned that one of the top goals schools have for their digital signage is creating a positive school culture. It was close second only to improving communication. We’re thrilled to release these new templates which will help schools achieve their goal of creating positive, caring, and kind learning environments.” – Shea Darlison, Head of Marketing, Rise Vision

If you are interested in learning more about raising awareness of kindness in the classroom, workplace, and home, visit: www.randomactsofkindness.org


Rise Vision is the #1 digital signage solution for schools. Since 1992 Rise Vision has been obsessed with helping customers improve communication. Rise Vision currently serves over 3,000 schools across North America. Rise Vision makes digital signage easy by providing schools with new templates every week, over 400 so far, to keep their displays current and engaging with 99% uptime.


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