Small Ax Creative and Cluster Partner to Provide Brands with Turn-Key Social Impact Media Campaigns


LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Small Ax Creative and Cluster are partnering to make it easy for brands to ideate, produce and launch ad campaigns that both align with social and environmental impact causes and engage their social media influencer supporters. YPulse’s most recent Causes & Activism behavioral report found that “…the majority (83%) of young people believe all brands should do some sort of social good / charitable work.”

This partnership brings together two companies with complementary service offerings to deliver a seamless service that can increase campaign engagement by 30%+.

“The potential gains that nonprofits, creators and brands can see by using their media dollars to tell empowering stories is massive. Not to mention there is no better way to engage with Gen Z than by activating change and letting the brand’s story naturally unfold as a purveyor of purpose,” says Cluster Founder & CEO C.R. Celona.

“Brands today must align themselves with socially relevant / activated campaigns so that they can show real world impact or else become irrelevant. The world we now live in is one where Social Influencers drive brand awareness and campaigns for social good are seen as a must-have for Brands,” says Small Ax Creative Founder & CEO Jon Seidman.

This partnership is a long time coming. Both CEOs are close friends since having worked together more than a decade ago. Celona and Jon Seidman bring a passion for social impact and media and have dedicated their lives to finding ways to blend both.

Recent campaigns include brands such as Aspiration, Root Insurance, Hawaiian Springs, Miss Universe and the non-profit, The Elephant Project amongst others. Hawaiian Springs is launching an Aluminum line on September 1st as they seek to move towards a more sustainable and plastic free tomorrow.

About Small Ax:

Small Ax Creative believes that there is a better way to ideate and produce diverse creative content. We are a dynamic creative + production shop that leverages a hand-picked community of producers from around the world to create premium content for global brands. We are committed to collaborating creatively with our selected producers and clients to deliver the most engaging and highest quality content—from Super Bowl spots to social media campaigns, all the content for the ‘20 / ‘21 PIR.ORG awards and beyond. Small Ax Creative recently won one Gold and Two Bronze awards, all for social impact campaigns at the 42nd annual Telly Awards. Small Ax is also a content partner of the Public Interest Registry (PIR), providing ongoing video and marketing content needs. For PIR’s 2020 and 2021 .ORG Impact Awards, Small Ax delivered over 100 pieces of content filmed around the world.

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About Cluster:

Cluster, a social impact app and impact creator agency, places brands at the center of cause-based marketing campaigns. We turn words into action by co-hosting actual events with brands that give back. All of this works together to create higher brand affinity with measurable engagement for brands. Cluster also has a venture studio supporting or building sustainable brands for a generation hungry for change. A better tomorrow starts with hello. Cluster was a 2021 finalist for Silicon Beach Startup of the Year.

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Small Ax Contact: Rebecca Goldstein, VP of Operations, or (424) 251-8600
Cluster Contact: Ken Solano, Head of Marketing, Cluster


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