Social Media: Transforming to Empower Consumers


Today’s social media isn’t simply about providing engaging content that keeps brands current.


Unifying brand messaging pillars with a framework and transparent social media strategy can help brands define their roles.


In the past, it was holding focus groups with an audience of 500 people with a final report in three to four weeks. Today, a marketer posts a social media poll asking which color people prefer and gets 500 replies in just an hour. It’s clear that social media has altered marketing by allowing firms to engage with consumers in an easier, faster, intuitive, and credible way.


Social media is becoming a channel for establishing advocacy and creating thumb-stopping content that makes a brand look current. Whether you’re a first-time mom looking for assistance or a foodie looking for a new seasoning and sauce brand to cook a mouth-watering burger, odds are you’ll give it a try versus seeing ads for it elsewhere. Social media and social media content have thus become the most efficient way for businesses to seek new consumers.


To put it simply, GEN Z is a progressive, conscientious customer who wants the best in class when it comes to quality and wants to know the provenance for their brand preference. They want to learn more about the items and services they buy. 


Is social media too crowded?


Every quarter, a new social media channel emerges to challenge the dominance of the Facebook conglomerate. As one channel becomes cluttered, a new kid on the block appears promising and possibly more engaging to grab the consumer’s interest. While new platforms and current formats keep marketers guessing about media dispersion, being the early bird is crucial to winning.


Unifying a marketer’s brand messaging pillars with a framework and clear social media strategy can help define roles. While authenticity and reliability are essential, a brand must also be visually appealing and communicatively agile to maintain social media followers.



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