Sourcepoint and MediaMath Announce First-of-its-Kind Partnership to Provide ‘Privacy-Safe’ Inventory Segments


Sourcepoint, the data privacy software company of record for the digital marketing ecosystem, has integrated its privacy safety data with MediaMath, to provide MediaMath customers with pre-bid access to inventory segments that meet their privacy compliance standards. The integration helps responsible advertisers easily reach consumers in environments they have deemed compliant, brand-safe, and suitable.

The first privacy measurement and analytics platform in the market, Sourcepoint’s Privacy Lens provides the world’s leading advertisers with privacy safety data to inform their media buys. This new integration allows MediaMath customers to apply their privacy standards to the buying stream, gaining access to contextual inventory segments that demonstrate a strong, direct relationship with consumers.

Sourcepoint’s Privacy Lens allows brands to build consumer trust and optimize spend by only targeting media that demonstrate a strong commitment to compliance, data ethics, and digital citizenship. Sourcepoint is currently partnered with Omnicom, WPP’s GroupM, and Horizon Media to provide greater visibility into the quality of their media buys using commitment to privacy as a new metric.

“Sourcepoint is proud to collaborate with Oracle and MediaMath on this market-leading initiative to integrate Privacy Lens data into the buying stream, allowing platforms, publishers, and advertisers to benefit from a shared commitment to consumer privacy,” said Ben Barokas, Sourcepoint Co-Founder and CEO.

Sourcepoint’s privacy compliance database is generated from proprietary scanning technology that scores media suppliers according to demonstrated data ethics and privacy compliance risk. Access to high-quality media offers advertisers the opportunity to optimize their ad spend by targeting high-performing audiences accessed from inventory sources demonstrating commitments to appropriate regional and industry privacy laws and compliance standards, and which inventory sources have been scored as privacy-safe by Sourcepoint.

“Today’s privacy-first reality requires innovative solutions that are capable of re-imagining media buying transactions,” Fiona Campbell-Webster, Chief Privacy Officer, MediaMath, commented. “The launch of Sourcepoint’s privacy-safe segments will allow us to ensure our platform is purpose-built for the complex compliance requirements of today’s ecosystem.”



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