Forbes’ 2022 World’s Most Influential CMOs Demonstrate Five Distinct Models of Influence


Innovative CMOs demonstrate five distinct models of influence, or the five B’s: Breadth, Broadcast, Business, Buzz, and Brand through a new report from Sprinklr in partnership with Forbes.

Sprinklr, the unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform for modern enterprises, has announced a new report: 5 Models of Influence: Inspiration from Forbes’ 2022 World’s Most Influential CMOs. A companion report to the Forbes’ 2022 ranking of The World’s Most Influential CMOs, the report provides best practices for marketers looking to strengthen their personal and brand leadership.

“Marketing influence has and will continue evolving, as the landscape in which CMOs operate continues shifting,” said Seth Matlins, Managing Director, Forbes CMO Network. “The fifty chief marketers recognized this year—along with those on the CMO Hall of Fame list— are using their influence to impact their brands and businesses, industry, and often the world at large.”

“Congratulations to each of the CMOs who are shaping the future of marketing. For six years now, Sprinklr has partnered with Forbes on the World’s Most Influential CMOs list. We’ve measured and witnessed the evolution of marketing. We know there is more than one way for brands to build and wield influence,” said Arun Pattabhiraman, Chief Marketing Officer, Sprinklr. “The Forbes’ ranking and Sprinklr’s companion report celebrate the variety of paths influential CMOs use to build influence that emerged from this year’s data.”

With 5 Models of Influence, Sprinklr provides a deeper dive into how marketing leaders demonstrate five distinct models – or the five B’s – of influence: Breadth, Broadcast, Business, Buzz, and Brand.

Breadth: building and signaling influence at a very high level across a range of brand, personal, and business indicators.

Broadcast: earning attention from established news sources, including broadcast, print, and major online outlets.

Business: capturing the interest and engagement of fellow marketers and the broader business community.

Buzz: driving conversation and attracting attention on social channels, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs.

Brand: stewarding a major brand in the public spotlight.

From broadcast to buzz to business, there are many models for building influence in the marketing world. Marketers can leverage this new report to help drive growth through an understanding of the models of influence most aligned to brand and team strengths.

To view Sprinklr’s companion report, please visit: 5 Models of Influence: Inspiration from Forbes’ 2022 World’s Most Influential CMOs.

For the complete list of CMOs, please visit The World’s Most Influential CMOs. To follow the conversation on social, use: #ForbesCMOs and #MostInfluentialCMOs.



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