StackAdapt’s New Oracle Moat Integration Allows Mid-Market Retail and CPG Brands and Their Agencies to Easily Access Enterprise-Grade, Real-Time Attribution and Measurement Metrics for the First Time


Early Adopter, Vue Digital, Leverages Oracle Moat Outcomes Reporting and Analytics within StackAdapt Platform to Benefit CPG and Retail Clients

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–StackAdapt (, the leading self-serve programmatic advertising platform, today announced it is the first demand-side platform (DSP) to integrate Oracle Moat Measurement’s new Moat Outcomes API into its offering for retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) advertisers. The API integration allows StackAdapt to provide its mid-market retail and CPG customers with access to real-time measurement and attribution metrics that were formerly unavailable to the segment — empowering its customers to gain the actionable insights they need to market more effectively and compete up-market.

Performance marketing agency, Vue Digital, is one of the progressive StackAdapt customers leveraging the new measurement metrics across its client base within the DSP. Kelly Weber, paid media manager at Vue Digital said, “Oracle Moat Outcomes within the StackAdapt platform empowers our team with real-time attribution reporting into online and offline sales. Accessing these insights seamlessly in the StackAdapt x Moat dashboard, we can optimize multi-channel campaigns and increase the return for our roster of innovative CPG and retail brands.”

The Oracle Moat Outcomes API expands Oracle’s inflight measurement capabilities by making it easy for brands and marketers to access measurement results in whatever format fits their business needs via the Oracle Moat Outcomes user interface or pulling results directly into their data dashboards.

“StackAdapt’s integration of the Oracle Moat Outcomes API highlights the company’s dedication to helping ensure mid-market brands have easy access to enterprise-strength solutions and services,” said Laura Neely, director, product management at Oracle Advertising. “We are proud to acknowledge StackAdapt as the first DSP to leverage the Oracle Moat Outcomes API and we’re excited to see the advantages StackAdapt’s retail and CPG customers enjoy as they tap into enhanced analytics to drive the best marketing outcomes for their brands.”

In 2021, both online and offline retail sales in the United States are expected to increase by 5% to about $450 billion. The pandemic was also a massive driver for growth in the CPG sector, which grew about 10.4% in 2020 and is expected to continue this year. To capitalize on consumers’ plans to spend more on these retail and CPG products, marketing spend is also on the rise with CPG ad spend expected to grow 11.2% in 2021, exceeding $22 billion. With billions of dollars in play, it is critical for retail and CPG advertisers to be able to attribute incremental changes in sales within their campaign performance reporting.

As a performance-focused DSP, StackAdapt continually aims to empower its agency and brand clients with additional real-time attribution reporting on both online and offline sales. Oracle Moat has a proven history of exceptional offline sales measurement and the Oracle Moat Outcomes API enables more advanced real-time reporting for retail and CPG both online and offline. StackAdapt clients in those industries who run an Oracle Moat Outcomes measurement study receive inflight results and a comprehensive wrap-up report within two weeks of the campaign’s completion.

Michael Shang, vice president of partnerships and business solutions at StackAdapt said, “This first-to-market integration with the Oracle Moat Outcomes API helps our retail and CPG clients unlock more in-depth measurement analysis that can be optimized directly within the StackAdapt platform. We strive to continually add to our combinations of data to further enhance our in-platform capabilities and features. Oracle Moat Outcomes gives our clients more transparency into attribution and measurement information in real-time and in a uniform manner.”

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