Survey of Political and Business Leaders Finds Strong Pessimism Over Outlook for US in Year Ahead


“Opinion Makers” Audience From Tunnl Sees Prices and Inflation Increasing Over Next Six Months, With Majority Having A Pessimistic View Of World Safety, But Optimism Over Vaccine Rates Increasing And Supply Chain Issues Decreasing

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Political and business leaders surveyed by audience segmentation platform Tunnl are strongly pessimistic about the outlook for the U.S., based upon their responses to a survey looking at key areas including Interest Rates, the Stock Market, Unemployment, Civil Dialogue, Race Relations and World Safety.

Using these six indicator components to build an index, Tunnl says the outlook characterizing the perception of this group sits at 39 on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 being the most ideal and optimistic outlook for the country.

The “Opinion Makers” audience from Tunnl is comprised of 1.3 million political and business leaders who work in industries such as Congress, the executive branch, news media, lobbying and law firms and associations, combined with the most political active individuals in each.

Tunnl is offering the “Opinion Makers” audience as a subscription through which these individuals can be targeted for issue advocacy efforts.

“The women and men in our Opinion Makers audience are those who help set the national agenda, have their finger on the pulse of the country and largely direct the course of what is going to happen,” says Sara Fagen, CEO, Tunnl. “We wanted to make this important audience available as a highly-influential group of individuals for brands and association to have access to for engagement.”

The Opinion Makers survey analyzed perceptions in four key areas – Finance, Stability, Policy and Politics.


At least 70% of Opinion Makers surveyed said they see energy prices (72%), food prices (75%) and inflation (73%) increasing over the next six months. Two thirds see the price of housing and interest rates also going up. Conversely, the majority of respondents believe unemployment will stay the same or go down. Perceptions of the Stock Market are mixed, with 34% saying it will go up, 22% saying stay the same and 29% saying it will go down.


Opinion Makers have a pessimistic view of world safety with 54% saying they think it will be less stable and safe. However, they are more optimistic about vaccination rates increasing and supply chain issues decreasing. They are split on labor shortages, with 44% believing the situation will stay the same and 27% saying it will increase and 24% saying it will decrease.


A majority of Opinion Makers believe more legislation will be coming as relates to climate change and taxing corporations, with 51% and 50% saying so respectively. They also believe we will see more legislation on marijuana legislation, social media regulation, crypto currency regulation and expansion around parental leave. Expectations were lower regarding drug price and tech industry regulation, with only 38% and 34% saying they expect change here respectively.


Respondents overwhelmingly see Republicans gaining seats in the Congressional and Senatorial 2022 elections, with 71% seeing more Republican seats in the House and 66% seeing the same for the Senate. Looking ahead to 2024, 48% see the Republicans winning the White House, with only a third seeing Democrats retaining the Presidency. 56% see political discourse getting worse in the year ahead, with 41% expecting race relations to stay the same and 29% seeing it get better and 27% seeing it get worse.

47% of Opinion Makers said they see the economic outlook in their state getting better than the rest of the country, with 63% saying their State governments are more functional than the Federal government.

“Our audience of Opinion Makers represents a strong cross-section of those who are helping to guide and set policy, providing a unique view into what the mindset of these individuals is,” says Fagen. “For those looking to connect with these leaders, the availability of the Opinion Makers audience to market to provides an invaluable tool for ‘influencing the influencers.”

Tunnl audiences are based on an always-on data collection engine that includes hundreds of thousands of surveys per year. Responses are matched to national consumer and voter files. From this, audiences can be built that have a high probability of accuracy for receptivity to a message or cause. Audiences are updated regularly to ensure that data is current and relevant to the public affairs, issue advocacy, corporate reputation and political markets.

Tunnl’s available audiences are built on issues ranging from which Americans are most concerned about climate change to how company’s efforts around diversity and inclusion influence consumption choices.

When matched with Tunnl’s proprietary media consumption data, audiences can be segmented based upon their likelihood for viewing behavior, such as being a heavy streamer, linear TV viewer or social media user.

Audiences can also be activated through Tunnl partners across the advanced TV, programmatic digital, social media spectrum, representing a comprehensive, prescriptive, collaborative and totally integrated platform in publishing, technology and across channels.

The Tunnl platform provides access to a standard taxonomy of audiences built from proprietary large-sample microtargeting surveys. Brands can also work with Tunnl to build custom audiences. Audiences can be activated against digitally or on a premium level be contacted directly through P2P texting, direct mail, phone or door. Brands can also incorporate their first party data into the platform.

Tunnl media optimization helps make TV buys more cost-efficient by leveraging audience-specific TV ratings, allowing marketers to buy all the inventory that stations under-value relative to the campaign’s key audiences.

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Tunnl is an audience identification and segmentation platform for the purpose driven marketing and issue advocacy economy. Based on data from a quarterly survey of 5,000 consumers matched to national consumer and voter files, the platform enables brands to find the right audiences to engage with and activate against for their purpose driven marketing, issue advocacy and corporate reputation campaigns. Tunnl is based in Washington, D.C.. For more information, visit


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