The Simple Formula for Creating Highly-Effective Video Ads

Ralph Burns and his team at Tier 11 managed a 28X increase in business for a client using the “teach and pitch” formula. Discover what it’s about and how simple it is to implement in this podcast clip.

James: I’m interested, you know, what content do we make for ads? Because I’ve done a lot of the content marketing, and I’m now doing some ads on the platform, and they’re working. I am converting people from cold through to warm and some of them are turning hot and buying. But what are the content thing? You said a teach and pitch. That’s one.

Ralph: Yeah, so the formula that we’ve used with them with a number of different videos, I would say probably dozens at this point, and they continually spit these things out because they understand what it is now, it’s a very simple formula. So the first three to six seconds of a video ad, these are all video ads, was fairly simple ad copy. We do some kind of motion or branding in which to kind of get the user’s attention.

So in their case, the first three to six seconds is their Milk Street logo, which kind of spins in and then Chris comes on. Everything’s on subtitles, so we do an SRT file with all these and we sort of integrate them in so they look really nice because, you know, 90 plus percent of video is watched without sound on, so that’s important. So all he does, he says, you know, something like, to the tune of, Hey, here at Milk Street, like, we like to take old recipes that you might know, and just put a new spin on them and an international flair. One of the things that we’ve found is this way of cooking scrambled eggs, which is amazing because they come out light and fluffy and taste really, really good. Let me show you how to do it.

So he shows you how to do it. It’s literally all under about two minutes. This is a less-than-two-minute video. So it’s going to be on Instagram, it’s going to be on Facebook. And he kind of goes through the process. Alright, here’s how you heat up the pan. And then you put in the oil. And when it’s just about steaming, then you scramble the eggs. You don’t add any milk, you don’t add any water, and then you throw it in there. And then you kind of scoop it around, and then it comes back out. And then I put a little spice on it. And you know, look at how great these eggs look. Scrambled eggs. That’s like, so simple.

James: You’re making me hungry, Ralph.

Ralph: I know, it’s really good. And by the way, the way that he actually creates these, ever since I saw this video, I have never gone back to cooking scrambled eggs the old way. And then the pitch is at the end.

So I’ve just created some motion. I’ve taught you something of value – like, holy crap, I never knew how to cook scrambled eggs like that. And look at how great they look. This is so simple. His pitch is, hey, if you like that, then, you know, join Milk Street for $1. And you know, you’ll get this recipe as well as hundreds of others. So click the link below. I can’t wait to see you on the inside. That’s the teach and pitch video. That’s it.

And that one scrambled egg ad, I believe, I’ll have to pull it up here, but I believe it has spent over a million dollars.

James: It’s absurdly simple.

Ralph: Exactly.

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