TikTok Experimenting with Longer Form Video; More Advertising Options


In July, TikTok, the most popular non-gaming app globally, began testing lengthier videos on its platform.

Matt Navarra, a social media strategist, broke the news by posting a screenshot of a TikTok bulletin. The message read, “Upload lengthier videos.” “…from your device for up to 5 minutes.”

Navarra also posted an eight-minute TikTok video on Twitter, implying that more extended tests are underway.

This isn’t the first time TikTok has changed its video duration limit, which was formerly 15 seconds, then 60 seconds, and finally 3 minutes in July. It’s now extending the video length yet again.

It’s unclear how many TikTok users will be able to publish lengthier movies, but unlike the 3-minute video testing period in December, all viewers will be able to watch these 5-minute-plus uploads.

With media rivals like YouTube and Instagram introducing short-form features (Shorts and Reels), it’s evident that they now intend to compete with long-form media as well.

Users will be able to be more creative in publishing lengthier, complete storylines with no interruptions in between, thanks to the five- or ten-minute duration constraints –– the primary rationale TikTok mentioned in July for increasing video length to three minutes.

TikTok has made numerous steps toward social commerce and extended its business options in recent months.

Spark Ads allows advertisers to access pre-existing creator material and use it as part of a broader campaign with the artist’s agreement.

TikTok Jump is a third-party integration platform that allows creators to connect their users to extra content within the app. TikTok also announced a partnership with Shopify just two days ago, enabling merchants to add a shopping page to their profiles and sell straight on the site.

Long-form films are likely to push companies and advertisers toward more innovative digital marketing campaigns, as well as the prospect for more ad spaces, which is “a crucial potential boost for the company’s growth objectives,” according to the report.


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